We might mislead ourselves if we interpreted this expression as referring to moral goodness; on the other hand, Plato more than most of the Greeks thinks of moral virtue as an imitation of God. The Michaelskirche, attached to it, is a small round church built, in imitation of the Holy Sepulchre, in 822 and restored in 1853. , Because it is an imitation, the knock-off purse is priced considerably cheaper than the real bag. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Before he died a tide of intellectual life was rising all about him; yet he failed to recognize it, declined to give Lessing even the small post of royal librarian, and thought Gotz von Berlichingen a vulgar imitation of vulgar English models. There are 25 example sentences for imitation, and this page shows no. A good many other examples have been preserved which may be assigned to the same century: the earlier of these bear a resemblance in form to the vessels of silver made in the west of Europe; in the later an imitation of classical forms becomes apparent. You may consider an imitation diamond ring for many reasons. The imitation of the fine style of that magnificent writer but bad patriot is admirable. 145. His epic Taget Ofver Bait (" The Expedition across the Belt ") (1785) is an imitation, in twelve books, of Voltaire's Henriade, and deals with the prowess of Charles X. 179. Shoppers often stroll through the store just to experience the Southern California atmosphere made complete with imitation beach shacks, shuttered windows, boardwalks, and deep colored walls. Find more ways to say imitation, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Enamel and gilding were freely used, in imitation no doubt of the muchadmired vessels brought from Damascus. He said: We know how to maneuver, we do not want slavish imitation. For women who wanted the feel of silk but couldn't afford it, imitation silk was a boon. 9), based on the best extant authorities; in Latin, the imitation of Apollonius (a free translation or adaptation of whose Argonautica was made by Terentius Varro Atacinus in the time of Cicero) by Valerius Flaccus. Poggio's History of Florence, written in avowed imitation of Livy's manner, requires separate mention, since it exemplifies by its defects the weakness of that merely stylistic treatment which deprived so much of Bruni's, Carlo Aretino's and Bembo's work of historical weight. It's difficult to see imitation in a sentence . 2. The episode had a deadening effect on Helen Keller and on Miss Sullivan, who feared that she had allowed the habit of imitation, which has in truth made Miss Keller a writer, to go too far. He sets the Normans before us as a race specially marked by cunning, despising their own inheritance in the hope of winning a greater, eager after both gain and dominion, given to imitation of all kinds, holding a certain mean between lavishness and greediness - that is, perhaps uniting, as they certainly did, these two seemingly opposite qualities. Many species have a feeble voice which resembles a repeated click of the tongue, and their name "gecko" is supposed to be an Indian imitation of the sound. Enlist the help of a crafty friend and embellish ho-hum discount items with glitzy stones, white feathers or sprays of imitation pearls. The eyes in both cases were inlaid, those of the lions with red jasper, white shell and blue schist: this imitation of the eyes in stone as well as metal figures was a feature common to both arts, which were at this time assuredly not without direct or indirect connexion. "Sentence imitation has a long history. Imitation in Classical Rhetoric "The three processes by which a classical or medieval or Renaissance man acquired his knowledge of rhetoric or anything else were traditionally 'Art, Imitation, Exercise' (Ad Herennium, I.2.3).The 'art" is here represented by the whole system of rhetoric, so carefully memorized; 'Exercise' by such schemes as the theme, the declamation or the progymnasmata. Example sentences with the word imitations. Leonardo was not one of those artists of the Renaissance who sought the means of reviving the ancient gl)ries of art mainly in the imitation of ancient models. Filter. When shopping for imitation diamonds, it is important to learn how to recognize quality rings. These imitation products will not last nearly as long as the original, and they won't have the rich, quality look that the true products possess. There is an expression that says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. From the imitation of Christ. Burke wrote his Vindication of Natural Society in imitation of Bolingbroke's style, but in refutation of his principles; and in the Reflections on the French Revolution he exclaims, "Who now reads Bolingbroke, who ever read him through?". limitation. unconscious imitation of a popular favorite in melodrama, " Him shall she never wed! I took it back and used it in my room. All this he intermingled with imitations of actors. The Martian did likewise in imitation. Echopraxia-The imitation of the movement of another individual. Examples of Imitating in a sentence. imitation of nature; the other is about shapes. The parrot continued imitating his owner, mocking his owner and copying his thick Indian accent. Imitation means copying someone else's actions. Imitation had necessarily to begin with externals, and Peter at once fell foul of the long beards and Oriental costumes which symbolized the arch-conservatism of old Russia. Read the short excerpt several times, generating a list … Instructions . It is a modern take on imitation flowers. Flea markets in large cities and foreign countries are also known for their imitation shades. 4. Imitation tortoiseshell is likely to be cellulose nitrate (which smells of camphor). While there have always been critics of David Beckham's tattoos, there are also plenty who choose to flatter him through imitation. Sentence with the word imitation. According to Gruppe, the legend of the death of Orpheus is a late imitation of the Adonis-Osiris myth. A real pearl has a substantial weight, while an imitation pearl is very light. He did an imitation of horror movie actor Boris Karloff, which was a big hit with the audience. The seal was developed to prevent imitation lenses from being sold, mainly in China. 2. Through imitation Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries products, direct import substitution. Then I would imitate the acts of cutting the slices and buttering them. imitation parts in a sentence - Use "imitation parts" in a sentence 1. Like sentence combining, sentence imitation offers an alternative to traditional grammar instruction and a way of fostering stylistic dexterity. Ilyin tried to imitate Rostov in everything and adored him as a girl might have done. ludwig.guru Sentence examples for crude imitation from inspiring English sources. "By gosh, I think I've got it," she spoke in a poor imitation of British accent. Bohemian glass enjoys a world-wide reputation, which is well deserved: the crystal ware of Bor (Haida), the imitation jewelry and stones of Jablonec (Gablonz), the paste and semi-precious stones of Turnov, are exported to every part of the globe. The audio clips have been taken from the band's live DVD titled " Playing the Imitation " . This instrument takes flattery to new heights of imitation. Wear cotton gloves when handling to avoid tarnishing when working with silver or imitation gold, or rub talcum powder on your hands. That they found favour outside Catholic circles is proved by Thomas Nash's imitation of Mary Magdalen's Tears in Christ's Tears over Jerusalem. The Siegestor (or gate of victory) is a modern imitation of the arch of Constantine at Rome, while the stately Propylaea, built in 1854-1862, is a reproduction of the gates of the Athenian Acropolis. Overlimitz is a site worth checking out if you are interested in ordering wholesale imitation Oakleys. imitation sentence in English. There is an expression that says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 2. Monday, February 9, 2015. We have already seen that a strict imitation of Cicero was one of the characteristics of the Italian humanists. Three pair of blue eyes stared back at her from the first stall, and tiny pink cleft muzzles lifted in a cute imitation of … Ever since then, I have been a firm believer in it! It is important you use pure vanilla not imitation. The Banda-manna saga (1050-1060), the only comedy among the sagas, is also a northern tale; it relates the struggles of a plebeian who gets a chieftancy against the old families of the neighbourhood, whom he successfully outwits; Ol-kofra pattr is a later imitation of it in the same humorous strain. In his thirty-three dramas, sparkling comedies in prose, more or less in imitation of Moliere, he has left his most important positive legacy to literature. Limitation sentence examples. imitation tortoiseshell is likely to be cellulose nitrate (which smells of camphor ). 5. I did not know that I was spelling a word or even that words existed; I was simply making my fingers go in monkey-like imitation. deferred imitation in a sentence - Use "deferred imitation" in a sentence 1. Casa is chiefly remarkable as the leader of a reaction in lyric poetry against the universal imitation of Petrarch, and as the originator of a style, which, if less soft and elegant, was more nervous and majestic than that which it replaced. Instead, the insurance company insisted on " imitation parts ." Lichtenberg Aphorisms Related word partners The groupies put their heads together in a fluffy little imitation of a pep huddle and debated on it. Sepolcro, a circular church with ornamentation in brick and an imitation of opus reticulatum, should probably be attributed to the 6th or 7th centuries. From the labours of his pupil Miotto sprang that branch of the glass trade which is concerned with the imitation of gems. He fought against all imitation as such, and bade German writers be true to themselves and their national antecedents. Deferred imitation is an important developmental milestone in a two-year-old, in which children not only construct symbolic representations, but can also remember information. From the imitation of Christ. In his first two chapters he gives an account of the birth and childhood of St John the Baptist and of our Lord Himself, gathered perhaps directly from the traditions of the Holy Family, and written in close imitation of the sacred stories of the Old Testament which were familiar to him in their Greek translation. The industrial revolution led to a revolution in interior decorating, and for the Victorians, high style was all about the appearance of luxury, whether real or imitation. At seventeen he wrote his Vernal Walk in imitation of Thomson. Hoverflies are a poor imitation of the model bees and wasps. Among the Franks and Burgundians we find monolithic sarcophagi in imitation of the Romans, and in other districts sarcophagi were constructed out of several blocks of stonethe so-called Plattengraber. (a) During the first twenty years of the 16th century the reform of Latin instruction was carried out by setting aside the old medieval grammars, by introducing new manuals of classical literature, and by prescribing the study of classical authors and the imitation of classical models. Although crying is a child's primary means of communication at birth, language immediately begins to develop via repetition and imitation. Example: Original sentence: Whenever I look at a mountain, I expect it to turn into a volcano. Find more ways to say imitating, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Je trouve que cette porte en imitation de pierre n’est pas assez sûre. This was in imitation of her mother's crooning to the baby. In Paris, too, they obtain beautiful results in the "topping" or colouring Russian sables and the Germans are particularly successful in dyeing Persian lambs black and foxes in all blue, grey, black and smoke colours and in the insertion of white hairs in imitation of the real silver fox. imitation. He was a poet of considerable genius, which is most brilliantly shown in an imitation of Du Bartas's Divine Semaine, 1 See Povel Eliesens danske Skrifter (Copenhagen, 1855, &c.), edited by C. E. Bandello's novels are esteemed the best of those written in imitation of the Decameron, though Italian critics find fault with them for negligence and inelegance of style. This withdrawal of the head of the state from direct contact with his people was unknown to the Omayyads, and was certainly an imitation of Persian usage; it has even been plausibly conjectured that the name is but the Arabic adaptation of a Persian title. He had carefully studied the English constitution in England, and he hoped to establish in France a system similar in principle: but without any slavish imitation of the details of the English constitution. The exact imitation of the style of the genuine classics was the highest perfection at which he aimed. Young child The imitation hardly matches up to the original. The Lay of Orpheus is known to us only through an English imitation; the Lai du cor was composed by Robert Biket, an Anglo-Norman poet of the 12th century (Wulff, Lund, 1888). Since imitation rings vary in value so much, try to see a ring in person whenever possible. Imitation is defined as the act of copying, or a fake or copy of something. The authors of the Augustan age are unduly depreciated, while Ennius, Plautus, Laberius, Sallust are held up as models of imitation. Art, so widespread in the wealthy villas of Gaul, contented itself with imitation, produced nothing original and remained mediocre. In the Hemipterous group of the Rhynchota ant-mimicry is illustrated by the larva of a British species of Reduviidae (Nabis lativentris) in which the forepart of the abdomen is furnished on each side with a patch of white hairs leaving a central narrow dark portion in imitation of the waist of the ant; and also by an East African species (Myrmoplasta mira) which in its general form exhibits a close resemblance to an ant (Polyrrhacis gagates) which occurs in the same neighbourhood. - The Phoenicians, in imitation of the Egyptians, claimed that their oldest cities had been founded by the gods themselves, and that their race could boast an antiquity of 30,000 years (Africanus in Syncellus, p. 31). The verse portions, which are on the whole correct and classically constructed, are in imitation of Varro and are less tiresome. Its form is peculiar, and is an imitation of a similar work by Marcianus Capella, De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii. Now imitation is the very. Was this limitation a reason for sacrificing the advantages we had gained? In the course of this struggle (and especially after the last episcopal vidomne had left the town in 1526) the municipal authorities of the city greatly developed, a grand conseil of 200 members being set up in imitation of those at Bern and at Fribourg, while within the larger assembly there was a petit conseil of 60 members for more confidential business. The act of imitating. While the Eudemian Ethics in a more theological vein emphasizes God, the object of wisdom as the end for which prudence gives its orders, the Nicomachean Ethics in a more humanizing spirit emphasizes wisdom itself, the speculative activity, as that end, and afterwards as the highest happiness, because activity of the divine power of intellect, because an imitation of the activity of God, because most dear to God. In the domain of bronze and imitation bronze statuary the originality of the French is absolutely unrivalled. Even imitation of the style of the Talmud has also been accounted sacrilege. Of the secular buildings in Wurzburg the most conspicuous is the palace, a huge and magnificent edifice built in1720-1744in imitation of Versailles, and formerly the residence of the bishops and grand-dukes of Wiirzburg. They should not be allowed to continue using imitation parts at all, 2. imperator), a title formerly borne by the sovereigns of the Roman empire (see Empire), and since their time, partly by derivation, partly by imitation, used by a variety of other sovereigns. The last ten years of his life were given up to the imitation of Greek poets of the Alexandrian school. The preparations in imitation of the natural black and silver sorts are very good and attractive. Contenders for the best top chick movies out there include Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, Beaches, Sabrina, Grey Gardens, and Imitation of Life. King Seleucus derives from Plutarch and has a prose prologue of real interest for the history of the stage, while Filodemo is a clever tragi-comedy in verse with prose dialogues interspersed. use "imitate" in a sentence. This was in imitation of the Macedonian leaders who divided the dominion of Alexander. The only building in the city which can with certainty be assigned to the administration of Pericles is the Odeum, beneath the southern declivity of the Acropolis, a structure mainly of wood, said to have been built in imitation of the tent of Xerxes: it was used for musical contests and the though not established, may be regarded as practically certain, notwithstanding the difficulty presented by the subjects of the sculptures, which bear no relation to Hephaestus. "The Imitation Game " was a commercial and critical success. Section 17(1) requires " use " or " attempt to use " a firearm or imitation firearm with intent to resist arrest. Imitation in a sentence | imitation example sentences. a long plaited lock (or later a lappet) on the side of their head in imitation of the youthful Horus, and the peculiar tonsure adopted by the later Arabs of Sinai was inspired by the desire to copy their god Orotal-Dionysus.'. 71. But though the plan shows no imitation of the great Byzantine church, the decorations of the interior (mosaics, frescoes, &c.) do indicate direct Byzantine influence. Jessica loved imitating her older sister and tried to mimic the way she walked, talked, and dressed. A madrigal proper is usually very contrapuntal, with much use of imitation. : An imitation of chrome red is made by coloring white lead, orange lead, or barytes with some of the coal-tar dyes, especially with eosin. She sat crumpled up by an open gas fire of imitation logs. A quality imitation diamond ring can last a lifetime with proper care. Later, I repeated the lesson with equal success at a local junior high school. This is but an imitation of the hand-hoe, or a succenadeum to it, and can neither supply the use of dung nor fallow, and may be properly called scratch-hoeing.". Here are many translated example sentences containing "DIE IMITATION" - german-english translations and search engine for german translations. These cookies do not store any personal information. There are also a large number of distilleries, breweries, and establishments for the manufacture of it pulque," " mescal," and imitation or counterfeited liquors. Another word for imitating. The most famous statue of him is the Apollo Belvidere in the Vatican (found at Frascati, 1455), an imitation belonging to the early imperial period of a bronze statue representing him, with aegis in his left hand, driving back the Gauls from his temple at Delphi (27 9 B.C. To its critics, it became a mild tabloid and a very pale imitation of what was originally intended. Students imitate the structure of sample sentences with their own content. More than once, in letters to his friend Vettori, no less than in the pages of the Principe, Machiavelli afterwards expressed his belief that Cesare Borgia's behaviour in the conquest of provinces, the cementing of a new state out of scattered elements, and the dealing with false friends or doubtful allies, was worthy of all commendation and of scrupulous imitation. 2. Dionysius was also the author of several rhetorical treatises, in which he shows that he has thoroughly studied the best Attic models: The Art of Rhetoric (which is rather a collection of essays on the theory of rhetoric), incomplete, and certainly not all his work; The Arrangement of Words (IIEpi 6uv%o-Ews ovo,uarwv), treating of the combination of words according to the different styles of oratory; On Imitation (Ilepi Au170 Ews), on the best models in the different kinds of literature and the way in which they are to be imitated - a fragmentary work; Commentaries on the Attic Orators (IIEpi T(AV apXalwv prtrOpwv inro j j anopoi), which, however, only deal with Lysias, Isaeus, Isocrates and (by way of supplement) Dinarchus; On the admirable Style of Demosthenes (IIEpi Anyoa8 'ous b€t)orrlros); and On the Character of Thucydides (Hepi Tou Oovevbibov a detailed but on the whole an unfair estimate. Under the influence of Archbishop Chicheley, who had himself founded two colleges in imitation of Wykeham, and Thomas Bekynton, king's secretary and privy seal, and other Wyke - hamists, Henry VI., on the 11th of October 1440, founded, in imitation of Winchester College, "a college in the parish church of Eton by Windsor not far from our birthplace," called the King's College of the Blessed Mary of Eton by Windsor, as "a sort of first-fruits of his taking the government on himself.". Among the numerous Jewish synagogues, the largest is that of the Portuguese Jews (1670), which is said to be an imitation of the temple of Solomon. In any case, such imitation seems surprisingly rare except in a modeling experiment using specially prepared videos. A variety of the cuckoo called hototogisu (Cuculus poliocephalus) in imitation of the sound of its voice, is heard as an accompaniment of the uguisu, and there are also three other species, the kakkodori (Cuculus canorus), the Isutsu-dori (C. himalayanus), and the masuhakari, orju-ichi (C. hyperythrus). It is a free imitation and in parts a translation of the work of Apollonius of Rhodes, already familiar to the Romans in the popular version of Varro Atacinus. There are also many imitation black pearls that have been dyed to resemble Tahitian pearls. From Cambridge English Corpus Electronic thermal probes are widely used in the gemological centers to separate diamonds from their imitations. Sentence Imitation. The poem has little literary value, being an imitation of Ka`b ibn Zuhair's poem in praise of Mahomet, but its history has been unique (cf. With regard to Ecgbert the word is doubtless given as a title in imitation of its earlier use, and the same remark applies to its use in ZEthelstan's charter. Babies are wired for doing lots of imitation, and they should pounce on the opportunity to exchange coos, stinging tongues out and doing the usual baby-parent routine. The article known as tussur spun is prepared in exactly the same manner as other spun silks, but its chief use is to make an imitation of sealskin known commercially as silk seal. Dogs imitate novel human actions and store them in memory, Deferred imitation and declarative memory in domestic dogs abstract . prolonged the quay, and an inferior imitation of Trajan's arch was set up; he also erected a lazaretto at the south end of the harbour, now a sugar refinery, Vanvitelli being the architect-in-chief.