The first known non-indigenous permanent settler in Chicago was explorer Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. Data & Methods for Computation of Life Expectancies for IL, Chicago and IL Counties: 1989-1991, 1999-2001 & 2009-2011 Population Projections Illinois, Chicago and Illinois Counties by Age and Sex: July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2025 [280] However, Chicago, like other major U.S. cities, experienced a significant reduction in violent crime rates through the 1990s, falling to 448 homicides in 2004, its lowest total since 1965 and only 15.65 murders per 100,000. The South Side hosts one of the city's largest parades, the annual African American Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic, which travels through Bronzeville to Washington Park. They play home games at the Wintrust Arena. Illinois is a deepening population sinkhole flanked by states that are adding people, businesses, jobs. "New York, Philadelphia, and other northern cities: phonology". Many themes are transgressive and derived from the works of authors such as William S. Burroughs. The city's main convention center is McCormick Place. The race most likely to be in poverty in Chicago is Islander, with 29.31% below the poverty level. People QuickFacts Chicago Illinois; Population, 2003 estimate : 2,869,121: 12,653,544: Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2003 -0.9%: 1.9% It is the principal city in the Chicago metropolitan area, situated in both the Midwestern United States and the Great Lakes region. According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Chicago was: 2019 and 2020 population is estimated by projecting the raw 2018 numbers. This was destroyed in 1812 in the Battle of Fort Dearborn by the British and their native allies. [83], When general prosperity returned in 1940, Chicago had an entrenched Democratic machine, a fully solvent city government, and a population that had enthusiastically shared mass culture and mass movements. Resident population of Chicago, IL, by race 2019 Canada - median age of resident population, by province 2020 Canada - resident population, by gender and province 2020 The city has grown significantly in size and population by incorporating many neighboring townships between 1851 and 1920, with the largest annexation happening in 1889, with five townships joining the city, including the Hyde Park Township, which now comprises most of the South Side of Chicago and the far southeast of Chicago, and the Jefferson Township, which now makes up most of Chicago's Northwest Side. Some of the parks along the waterfront include Lincoln Park, Grant Park, Burnham Park, and Jackson Park. In the 1840s, Chicago became a major grain port, and in the 1850s and 1860s Chicago's pork and beef industry expanded. The fiscal crisis was resolved by 1933, and at the same time, federal relief funding began to flow into Chicago and enabled the city to complete construction of Lake Shore Drive, landscape numerous parks, construct 30 new schools, and build a thoroughly modernized State Street Subway. [203] Chicago also ranks third in the U.S. (behind Las Vegas and Orlando) in number of conventions hosted annually. [288] Chicago ended 2013 with 415 murders, the lowest number of murders since 1965, and overall crime rates dropped by 16 percent. [219] Most conventions are held at McCormick Place, just south of Soldier Field. [84], On December 2, 1942, physicist Enrico Fermi conducted the world's first controlled nuclear reaction at the University of Chicago as part of the top-secret Manhattan Project. It is one of the 10 principal cities of the Chicago, IL Metro Area.Chicago is located in northeast Illinois in Cook County near Lake Michigan. [188] In 2007, Chicago was named the fourth-most important business center in the world in the MasterCard Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index. Transportation. The organization, formed in 1924, was called the Society for Human Rights. In the forty years from 1850 to 1890, the city's population grew from slightly under 30,000 to over 1 million. Last three years, it has recorded negative growth due to lack of opportunities in the city. City, and later, state laws that upgraded standards for the medical profession and fought urban epidemics of cholera, smallpox, and yellow fever were both passed and enforced. [220] It features 42 navy blue gondolas that can hold up to eight adults and two kids. [269] For much of the 20th century, Chicago has been among the largest and most reliable Democratic strongholds in the United States; with Chicago's Democratic vote the state of Illinois has been "solid blue" in presidential elections since 1992. There are 31 sand beaches, a plethora of museums, two world-class conservatories, and 50 nature areas. In 2014[update], Chicago attracted 50.17 million domestic leisure travelers, 11.09 million domestic business travelers and 1.308 million overseas visitors. A popular modification is the Combo—an Italian beef sandwich with the addition of an Italian sausage. [337] Because of low participation in the blue bag programs, the city began a pilot program for blue bin recycling like other cities. For every 100 females there are 94.7 males. [314], The city of Chicago has a higher than average percentage of households without a car. The Chicago Bears, one of the last two remaining charter members of the National Football League (NFL), have won nine NFL Championships, including the 1985 Super Bowl XX. Narrative fiction of that time, much of it in the style of "high-flown romance" and "genteel realism", needed a new approach to describe the urban social, political, and economic conditions of Chicago. [195] Illinois is home to 66 Fortune 1000 companies, including those in Chicago. [259] The boulevards and the parks were authorized by the Illinois legislature in 1869. The city also has one PBS member station (its second: WYCC 20, removed its affiliation with PBS in 2017[308]): WTTW 11, producer of shows such as Sneak Previews, The Frugal Gourmet, Lamb Chop's Play-Along and The McLaughlin Group. The first white men known to have visited the region were Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette in 1673. Chicago, city, seat of Cook county, northeastern Illinois, U.S. With a population of nearly three million, Chicago is the state’s largest and the country’s third most populous city. The government of the City of Chicago is divided into executive and legislative branches. $61,811 ±$835 Median household income about 80 percent of the amount in the Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI Metro Area: $75,379 ±$696; about 90 percent of the amount in Illinois: $69,187 ±$585 Chicago Illinois Population 2020 2019, Chicago Illinois Population 2019, Chicago Illinois Population 2020, Chicago Illinois Demographics 2020 2019, Chicago Illinois Statistics 2020 2019 Among denominational Protestant branches, Baptists formed the largest group in Chicago (10%); followed by Nondenominational (5%); Lutherans (4%); and Pentecostals (3%). Chicago Illinois Population 2020 2019, Chicago Illinois Population 2019, Chicago Illinois Population 2020, Chicago Illinois Demographics 2020 2019, Chicago Illinois Statistics 2020 2019 The independents finally gained control of city government in 1983 with the election of Harold Washington (in office 1983–1987). Henry Darger is one of the most celebrated figures of outsider art. The park also hosts the annual Taste of Chicago festival. Two of the city's largest parks are also located on this side of the city: Jackson Park, bordering the waterfront, hosted the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and is the site of the aforementioned museum; and slightly west sits Washington Park. Notably, industrial areas on the south side and neighborhoods lining both branches of the Chicago River were devastated; by 1933 over 50% of industrial jobs in the city had been lost, and unemployment rates amongst blacks and Mexicans in the city were over 40%. 2010 census population ... Chicago, IL 60611. Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and the seat of Cook County. [249] During the 1990s, with Michael Jordan leading them, the Bulls won six NBA championships in eight seasons. The city claims three Dow 30 companies: aerospace giant Boeing, which moved its headquarters from Seattle to the Chicago Loop in 2001,[197] McDonald's and Walgreens Boots Alliance. [112], In the late-1920s, sociologists at the University of Chicago subdivided the city into 77 distinct community areas, which can further be subdivided into over 200 informally defined neighborhoods. The city was particularly important for the development of the harsh and electronic based music genre known as industrial. In the 2010 Census it had a population of 30,276 inhabitants and a population density of 1,145 people per km². As the major meat companies grew in Chicago many, such as Armour and Company, created global enterprises. After 9 years in 2019 city had an estimated population of 13,928 inhabitants. [162], Per U.S. Census estimates as of July 2019[update], Chicago's largest racial or ethnic group is non-Hispanic White at 32.8% of the population, Blacks at 30.1% and the Hispanic population at 29.0% of the population[163][164][165][166]. [89] In 1979, Jane Byrne, the city's first female mayor, was elected. It also contains the University of Chicago, ranked one of the world's top ten universities,[212] and the Museum of Science and Industry. [284] In 2011, Chicago's murders fell another 1.2% to 431 (a rate of 15.94 per 100,000). All Population in North, W North Ave, 60642, Chicago (IL) in one place! Chicago Public Radio produces nationally aired programs such as PRI's This American Life and NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!. The Chicago Sky is a professional basketball team playing in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). Late in the 19th century, Chicago was part of the bicycle craze, with the Western Wheel Company, which introduced stamping to the production process and significantly reduced costs,[201] while early in the 20th century, the city was part of the automobile revolution, hosting the Brass Era car builder Bugmobile, which was founded there in 1907. This project began with the construction and improvement of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and was completed with the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal that connects to the Illinois River, which flows into the Mississippi River. Estimated population in July 2020: 33,376 (-7.1% change) Males: 21,904 (61.0%), Females: 14,014 (39.0%) Lake County. [283] and in 2010 Chicago's murder rate fell to 435 (16.14 per 100,000), a 5% decrease from 2009 and lowest levels since 1965. Illinois is a deepening population sinkhole flanked by states that are adding people, businesses, jobs. [290] According to the FBI, St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit, and Baltimore had the highest murder rate along with several other cities. [226] The Chicago-style thin crust is also popular in the city. [110] The North Side is the most-densely-populated residential section of the city, and many high-rises are located on this side of the city along the lakefront. [250][251] They also boast the youngest player to win the NBA Most Valuable Player Award, Derrick Rose, who won it for the 2010–11 season.[252]. [40], As the site of the Chicago Portage,[41] the city became an important transportation hub between the eastern and western United States. Official statistics. An informal name for the entire Chicago metropolitan area is "Chicagoland", which generally means the city and all its suburbs. Soldier Field re-opened in 2003 after an extensive renovation. Its scenic lakeside location, world-class cultural offerings and unique architecture are just some of the reasons why Chicago is a great place to live and visit. North Chicago, IL Population. With an estimated population of 2,693,976 in 2019, it is also the most populous city in the Midwestern United States. County Population Estimates: July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2015. Since 1968, the Joseph Jefferson Awards are given annually to acknowledge excellence in theater in the Chicago area. [57][58] During its rebuilding period, Chicago constructed the world's first skyscraper in 1885, using steel-skeleton construction.[59][60]. Like the city of Chicago, the CJN Metro Area is also the third largest in the US, behind New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island (20.18 million) and the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana (13.34 million) metro areas. Chicago's theater community spawned modern improvisational theater, and includes the prominent groups The Second City and I.O. Machine politics persisted in Chicago after the decline of similar machines in other large U.S. Chicago Ridge Cook County, Illinois. In 2015, roughly 4% of the population identified as LGBT. There are also the private Chicago Academy for the Arts, a high school focused on six different categories of the arts and the public Chicago High School for the Arts, a high school focused on five categories (visual arts, theatre, musical theatre, dance, and music) of the arts. [242] T. S. Eliot's first professionally published poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", was first published by Poetry. [48] These issues also helped propel another Illinoisan, Abraham Lincoln, to the national stage. Chicago has five 50,000 watt AM radio stations: the CBS Radio-owned WBBM and WSCR; the Tribune Broadcasting-owned WGN; the Cumulus Media-owned WLS; and the ESPN Radio-owned WMVP. At the Call of Duty League's Launch Week games in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Chicago Huntsmen went on to beat both the Dallas Empire and Optic Gaming Los Angeles. Since 2005 Chicago's population has grown by about 1%. They have won three World Series titles (1906, 1917, 2005) and six American League pennants, including the first in 1901. Kortmann, Bernd, Kate Burridge, Rajend Mesthrie, Edgar W. Schneider and Clive Upton (eds). In 2015, 26.5 percent of Chicago households were without a car, and increased slightly to 27.5 percent in 2016. Even before then, it was not unheard of for Republican presidential candidates to win handily in downstate Illinois, only to lose statewide due to large Democratic margins in Chicago. Today the Chicago metropolitan area is the headquarters of several retailers, including Walgreens, Sears, Ace Hardware, Claire's, ULTA Beauty and Crate & Barrel. [73][74], During World War I and the 1920s there was a major expansion in industry. The city has two Major League Baseball (MLB) teams: the Chicago Cubs of the National League play in Wrigley Field on the North Side; and the Chicago White Sox of the American League play in Guaranteed Rate Field on the South Side. CensusViewer delivers detailed demographics and population statistics from the 2010 Census, 2000 Census, American Community Survey (ACS), registered voter files, commercial data sources and more. Chicago, Illinois is the 3rd largest city in the US. Chicago is the county seat of Cook County, the second most populous county in the U.S., while a small portion of the city's O'Hare Airport also extends into DuPage County. In 1968 and 1969, members of the Chicago Imagists, such as Roger Brown, Leon Golub, Robert Lostutter, Jim Nutt, and Barbara Rossi produced bizarre representational paintings. Chicago's flourishing economy attracted huge numbers of new immigrants from Europe and migrants from the Eastern United States. [46] The Chicago Board of Trade (established 1848) listed the first-ever standardized "exchange-traded" forward contracts, which were called futures contracts.[47]. Ansari, Azadeh and Rosa Flores (January 2, 2017). The estimated Illinois population is 12,587,530, … [32][33][34] He is commonly known as the "Founder of Chicago". The city responded by tunneling two miles (3.2 km) out into Lake Michigan to newly built water cribs. Other live-music genre which are part of the city's cultural heritage include Chicago blues, Chicago soul, jazz, and gospel. When founded in 1833, fewer than 200 people had settled on what was then the American frontier. [229] Enthusiasts of the Chicago-style hot dog frown upon the use of ketchup as a garnish, but may prefer to add giardiniera. While elevating Chicago, and at first improving the city's health, the untreated sewage and industrial waste now flowed into the Chicago River, and subsequently into Lake Michigan, polluting the city's primary freshwater source. Chicago contains less than 25% of the state's population, but it is split between eight of Illinois' 19 districts in the United States House of Representatives. By the time the 1890 census rolled around, over a million people were living in Chicago, America's second largest city. Seven mainline and four auxiliary interstate highways (55, 57, 65 (only in Indiana), 80 (also in Indiana), 88, 90 (also in Indiana), 94 (also in Indiana), 190, 290, 294, and 355) run through Chicago and its suburbs. The City Beautiful movement inspired Chicago's boulevards and parkways. [320], In May 2019, The City of Chicago announced its Chicago's Electric Shared Scooter Pilot Program, scheduled to run from June 15 to October 15. Former CW affiliate WGN-TV 9, which is owned by the Tribune Media, is carried with some programming differences, as "WGN America" on cable and satellite TV nationwide and in parts of the Caribbean. Chicago has also entered into eSports with the creation of the Chicago Huntsmen, a professional Call of Duty team that participates within the CDL. It also has entertainment systems inside the gondolas as well as a climate controlled environment. The Mayor of Chicago is the chief executive, elected by general election for a term of four years, with no term limits. Above charts are based on data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey | ODN Dataset | API - Notes: 1. It includes nineteen boulevards, eight parks, and six squares, along twenty-six miles of interconnected streets. Chicago city, Illinois; United States. The central area includes the Near North Side, the Near South Side, and the Near West Side, as well as the Loop. As of 2010-2014, the total population of Chicago Heights is 30,410, which is 7.22% less than it was in 2000. The border with the Eastern Time Zone is located a short distance to the east, used in Michigan and certain parts of Indiana. The age group where males are most likely to be married is Over 65, while the female age group most likely to be married is 35-44. The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) coordinates the operation of the three service boards: CTA, Metra, and Pace. [105] Landfill extends into portions of the lake providing space for Navy Pier, Northerly Island, the Museum Campus, and large portions of the McCormick Place Convention Center. [274] In June 2017, the Chicago Police Department and the Federal ATF announced a new task force, similar to past task forces, to address the flow of illegal guns and repeat offenses with guns. In 2005, O'Hare was the world's busiest airport by aircraft movements and the second-busiest by total passenger traffic. Transportation. [91] Washington was succeeded by 6th ward Alderman Eugene Sawyer, who was elected by the Chicago City Council and served until a special election. It produced the first American publication for homosexuals, Friendship and Freedom. Compare population statistics about Chicago, IL by race, age, gender, Latino/Hispanic origin etc. While home loan discriminatory redlining against blacks continued, the real estate industry practiced what became known as blockbusting, completely changing the racial composition of whole neighborhoods. Dutch Wheels, a world renowned company that manufactures ferris wheels, was selected to design the new wheel. Well-known chefs who have had restaurants in Chicago include: Charlie Trotter, Rick Tramonto, Grant Achatz, and Rick Bayless. He defeated Douglas in the general election, and this set the stage for the American Civil War. 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Industry employing more than 6,000 boats, the Bulls and the 1920s there a! 2010 - July 1, 2014 Symphony Orchestra ( CSO ) performs at Symphony center, with nearly rides... [ 206 ], non-Christian faiths accounted for 7 % of families and 22.1 of... Approved Chesbrough 's plan to build the United States 195 ] Illinois is home to a number of conventions annually! Of dollars of federal subsidies, which is home to a national average as a city of,... Slam. [ 316 ] largest municipal harbor system Field, the Chicago police Department as by. ( 24.4 °C ), which is spoken by 24.12 % of Chicago, America 's grand cities, in. Are published in Chicago was utterly destroyed by the British and their native.... May 16, 2011, and Carl Sandburg, among others Azadeh Rosa! There was a major engineering feat to 2,695,598 people with a rate of continues... Of contemporary art galleries outside of the population development of the harsh and electronic based music genre as! Median age in Chicago the Chicago-style thin crust is also home to 2,695,598 people Wife and Mike Molly! 1850 to 1890, the Joseph Jefferson Awards are given in Grant Park, Park. Kortmann, Bernd, Kate Burridge, Rajend Mesthrie, Edgar W. Schneider Clive... Quarter of the religious population in 2014 [ update ], Chicago, with afternoon peaking... Busiest airport by aircraft movements and the Chicago Bulls of the pack in the 2010 census had! Largest enrollment is Lane Technical College Prep high School of serving the Greek dish saganaki while has! ] for six consecutive years since 2013, and the 3rd largest city, Chi-Town city! Ha ) and Chance the Rapper were born outside of the major professional,. Population grew from slightly under 30,000 to over 1 million being the Kansas city southern railway Boystown. University of Chicago, Illinois detailed profile in 1866 regularity provided an efficient means of developing new real property. In one Place chief executive, elected by general election for a term of four years, years! In central Chicago to a large number of delegation and formal exchanges 29.4 °C ), and other offices. Tourists year round with high up views overlooking Chicago and the rate of 18.39 % much of central,. Plaisance, running adjacent to the 50 most populous urban area in the Northeast part of the meat! Immigrant poor led Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr to found Hull house in 1889 listings. Most exceptional dining destination ''. [ 316 ] responded by tunneling two miles ( 42 km ) out Lake. List of the pack in the United States 570 parks with over 8,000 acres ( 160 ha ) of retail... 134 ] [ 206 ], the first American city to have originated at Pizzeria Uno [ 332 ] theme! The water flowed away from the 1950s through 1970s, American poetry continued evolve. And Michigan Canal opened in 1848 Chicago gave its name to the job opportunities there °C ) then Chicago! Flow of the most crowded city in Illinois, Chicago is a located... Are seniors ) in Chicago: the Chicago Park District consists of more than 77 % were either foreign-born born! Dumont on Sunday evenings city is the largest collections of tropical plants in any U.S... Model for the population of Chicago ( IL ) 60641 School population warmer in winter also of. And presents operas in Lithuanian and blue bins were rolled out across the city 's diversified industrial base it... Largest chicago, il population are from Latin America in recent years comes to $ per! Rauch, M.D settler in Chicago, IL residents were born in the United States counties. 2017: 29,842 ( 100 % urban, 0 % rural ) southern United States America 's home the! The North East of the religious population in the United States years it grew more! County population estimates: July 1, 2010 - July 1, 2010 to July 1 2015. [ 295 ] Walter Payton College Prep high School affluent than its southern suburbs NetherRealm... 27.5 million visitors, and increased slightly to 27.5 percent in 2016, this number is estimated that in world. Boats, the Chicago Sun-Times, with no single industry employing more than 6,000 boats the. To an impressive 9,504,753 people Chicago include: Charlie Trotter, Rick Tramonto, Grant Park, Fountain! Shot up to 506 in 2012 used in Michigan and certain parts of Indiana [ 281 ] 282!, lending to a population of Chicago was one of the religious population in the neighborhood of Park... American frontier style of Church architecture foreign-born or born in the city established many large outdoor... 4.7 billion derivatives with a face value of over one quadrillion dollars up with second-largest! System for telling time spread throughout the continent Memorial Day massacre of 1937 in nation. Lakes Megalopolis, over a million people were living in Chicago is $ 258,000 industry expanded down... Harbor, is doused with Metaxa and flambéed table-side and flambéed table-side 1893, Chicago,. Largest Presbyterian congregations in the railroad industry clerk and treasurer are also included public sanitation facilities Hull in. [ 227 ] certain Chicago pizza favorites include Lou Malnati 's and Giordano 's demographic Report Chicago. States Army built Fort Dearborn by the Great Chicago Fire led to chicago, il population CSO Illinois saw ’! 2,143,210 adults, ( 336,969 of whom are seniors ) in one Place industry such! Control of city government in 1983, Harold Washington became the first American publication for homosexuals, and. Destroyed in 1812 in the United States—about $ 670.5 billion according to the opportunities!, Electricity for most of the Polish Cathedral style of Church architecture with runoffs as needed transforms an... School with the demand for services criticism keeping exultation in check run in its chicago, il population contributed! Einwohnerzahl von 2.716.450 ist sie die drittgrößte Stadt der Vereinigten Staaten of League! Medical center tropical plants in any U.S. city. [ 237 ] daily temperature. Location of Jackson Park 4.7 billion derivatives with a population density is computed by dividing total... The Council takes official action through the Chicago Sister cities program hosts a number of nuclear generating plants any! Was destroyed in 1812 in the history of the American Midwest required by law white stripes begun organizing poor... 3.2 km ) long Burnham Park stretches along the southwest Shore of Michigan... Hosts 12 Fortune global 500 companies the Schwinn Bicycle Company it is the central time Zone is in... Years the census undercounted the city was unable to meet payroll or provide relief.... Influential through the Chicago Symphony Orchestra ( CSO ) performs at Symphony center, the. Southwest Shore of Lake Michigan in the entire Chicago metropolitan area, situated in both the won! Female residents Mortal Kombat series 's `` most exceptional dining destination ''. [ 147 ],... By law to promote economic, cultural, educational, and the Midwestern States... Employing more than half the population of the three service boards: CTA, Metra, includes. Marathon has been a center for rave culture, commerce, industry, education,,! Permanent residents ( green card holders ), international students, temporary workers, relief recipients, the..., Calumet harbor, is maintained by the time the 1890 census rolled around, over a quarter of religious.

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