So if #1 is the setter, #4 is the opposite position (opposite hitter or outside hitter), which basically is a position given to usually a well rounded player (like Daichi) or a cannon (like Ushiwaka) -I think Tsukki’s brother has explained this during the Shiratorizawa match. Just throwing it out there 'cause it's the first thing that crossed my mind :P. I did a quick search as to the connection between the number 4 and Ace but nothing relevant turned up (the first round of results gave me Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 because I forgot to include "volleyball" as one of the keywords, lmao). Bokuto has round, golden-colored eyes and spiky white-grey hair with black streaks; certain sections of it are done up as if to vaguely conform to that of an animal, strongly amplifying the uncanny resemblance he bears to a horned owl. Anatomy was boring as usual, even more so that his friend wasn’t there to be stupid with. As for the connection between #4 and aces, this is just a guess but I think it has something to do with volleyball position numbering. ... Bokuto Koutarou JasmineDragon. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. This is because the rules written by the International Basketball Federation reserve numbers 1-3 for coaches and stuff. (I would've thought the ace would get number 3, if #1 is for the captain, and maybe #2 for vice captain, so I would've thought #3 would be the Ace.) It’s actually a really interesting topic. This is a tradition of old when the starting players would have jersey numbers strictly from 1 to 11. So if the setter wants to wear the number 2 since that is the traditional setter number, you'd get a 2 as the captain. bokuto attends fukurōdani academy, a school introduced in the second season, as a third year, and is a part of the volleyball club at his school. Happy to be of some help! Junior high school student Shouyou Hinata gains a sudden love of volleyball after seeing a national championship match on TV. uhh i totally didn’t click away from some haikyuu!! I've always attributed it to Dateko giving #1 to their Ace Middle Blocker :D (Aone, Kamasaki) :">. I totally forgot that they mentioned that his kept with Fukurodani's tradition. You can totally see Fukurodani humouring this child owl when he demands the number 4 and once you get past that, the line-up makes sense. We recently discovered another weakness of the beloved Bokuto Kotarou! I'm offline, have a great Christmas, be back 12/26 :) Bokuto-san why are you still scrolling down? Top quality lightweight compressed bamboo Bokuto (56cm Kodachi/Shoto) with Tsuba and stopper. I’m pretty sure that Bokuto also has this opposite position. Certainly an interesting question though and something to ponder over! It’s just a guess though. Traits like personal charisma, leadership, level-headedness, are amongst the different things that coaches take into account when choosing captains. I was given the number 4 when I first joined my middle school team but I didn't improve as much as my teammates and was on the bench by the time I was a senior, while a 7 was playing in the wing spiker and ace position. While it is true that Captains generally wear #1, I think in the end it’s down to a school’s tradition. The traditional all-around spot is outside hitter (wing spiker in haikyuu terms), since they participate in serve receive and should be good passers. I know an ace spiker who insists on the number 9 because he was a huge football fan and he associated the ace spiker role with the main striker role in football. Don’t forget to follow the accounts so you can stay up to date with all event information! +I am the Setter, number 5 +My birthday is December 5th, im 17 +I enjoy reading.. +Vice captain. Bokuto shivered, only now regretting not taking his jacket. In volleyball, this tradition stems from before the libero was a thing. The rest just does the age thing, with the only first year, Wataru, at the end. In school, for example, players are often assigned numbers in their first year and then they carry the number throughout their time. Although 1 and 4 are opposite positions, because 1 starts in the backline, they often need to be more defensively solid. If you look up Bokuto’s weird kneepads, you’ll see that those are also common in basketball (just google ‘basketball long kneepads’). I think this is a neat question and I'd love to know why 4 as well. If you take a look at Datekou, their Captain always wears #2. Its common for the level headed and mature one, like Karasuno's case, to be the captain. I thought Date Tech's Aone would have worn #4 (assuming 4 = ace) because it illustrated the school's philosophy of absolute defense, and Aone's their the best blocker. Akaashi has messy black hair and gunmetal blue eyes with thin pupils and slightly thick eyebrows; in some official art, his eyes appear to be green, but in others, they are more blue-colored. A team could have a very talented setter and 5 other solid players who didn't stand out. Summary: Akaashi, ever accommodating lover Akaashi, is done with Bokuto’s shit. We are all familiar that in volleyball there are 6 people in the court. Then, the custom was that your number 1 would be a solid server, 2 is the setter, 3 is the middle blocker and 4 is the wing spiker. good night, good night by norio | one-shot - 5,300 words bokuto and “akaashi” go to a summer festival. Your answer makes a lot of sense! This is a bit of a long shot, but several theories are already out there about Bokuto’s number 4 jersey, so why not. Ushijima is one of the top 3 aces in the country and he didn't even make it to Nationals!" $35.00 $19.99 Save: 43% off. He makes his debut at the beginning of the Tokyo summer training camp wearing a navy T-shirt wi… The opposite's primary role is to score kills and set the block against the opponent's left... granted a team would be better suited coming up with a formation that suits the players rather than the other way around (as seen by the different setup in karasuno and shiratorizawa). Well, we can only speculate. But in some teams where the setter is the orchestra conductor, they may be chosen as the captain instead. Note: this was before the 25 point system, when it was 15 points and you could only score points on your serve. Then, the custom was that your number 1 would be a solid server, 2 is the setter, 3 is the middle blocker and 4 is the wing spiker. - the official explanation though, could be that the 4 is the number of the ace in Fukurodani, and Bokuto prides himself to be the ace way more than to be the captain - If you want MY personal hc, he wears high kneepads because Akaashi has a thing for his thighs and he covers them in love bites all the time so Bokuto had to find a way to cover them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Originally posted by sakuatsu. :). From shop AnimeDesignCase. It is accurate in volleyball terms (played it in hs and uni). Bokuto whined, his shoulders sagging. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What if he had his ‘moment’ while playing volleyball so he switched? In volleyball, this tradition stems from before the libero was a thing. As vice-captain and super polite person, Akaashi probably just felt the need to get ‘the next number’ after his captain. Although short in stature, he becomes determined to follow in the footsteps of the championship's star player, nicknamed the "Little Giant", after seeing his plays. I think maybe it has something to do with Bokuto just missing out on being one of the top 3 aces in the country, so he's the 4th best ace... and that's why he kept number 4 when he became captain of his team? Edit: I forgot to account for the captain part. However, it was definitely true that the number 4 position was often reserved for the ace, and traditional teams would number the jerseys according to the positions. yaoi on mangago just now… mm chile anyways. He tends to wear an emotionless or slightly exasperated expression a great majority of the time but is shown to smile occasionally given the circumstance. So that’s probably why. Although its "just a guess", it sounds like a very plausible answer, at least based on starting positions. (Remember that shirt he wore during the Cats vs. Owls match? Appreciate the guess, and while the correlation between number and rank didn’t occur to me, I don’t think Bokuto would boast about anything if it wasn’t the very best. 835 7 12. What if he just always looked up to that sport but it turns out he’s not that good? In fact, every basketball captain in official matches has the number 4. (what if Furudate is just putting a KnB reference in?). Edit: for reference, you could try googling “volleyball position numbers”! Yes this is a reupload, I realized I made a huge mistake on my skin when I put his number as 1 instead of 4 and as soon as I realized that I was like no I gotta change that, so that's why. Way to get to the point, Bo. The choice of the captain is even more circumstantial and whimsical. And that Bokuto is so proud of being the ace that he choose to wear 4 instead of 1. (Keyvalin and Andures have been especially helpful!). haha I think you might be on to somethin'! This time I just don't have enough knowledge to answer properly. This is the most precise term to speak of a wooden sword that is made to imitate a katana. The biggest rule Bokuto thought he would never have to worry about was rule number four haha I think the theory of "number-based-on-position" makes the most sense, at least for now. I'm totally shooting an arrow in the dark here and it probably sounds stupid, but… uh, could the "tradition" of the ace wearing #4 at schools like Fukurodani have anything to do with how the number 4 looks like the letter "A" - you know, a stylized way of writing "A" for "Ace"? He put on his bright sneakers and run out of the house in the direction of the nearest store. As stated below, 4 is traditionally the number of the ace (not always, though). That is why Bokuto doesnt have #1 as captain and maybe therefore they missed out #1. Just wanted to say thanks for the comment, it was very thorough. Who’s your favorite Haikyuu character that reps the number 4 ?- He has a solid and muscular build. Bokuto howled, sending a familiar glare Kuroo's way. These two have a close friendship with each other despite their contrast personalities: Bokuto being loud, childish and flamboyant while Akaashi's reserved, witty, … Ace in powerhouse like Nekoma or Fukurodani wears number #4. So in this case, similar to Kageyama, if the starting setter is a 1st year, they may not hold number 2 as it is being held by a more senior player. Here’s Bokuto to remind everyone that sign-ups open in 4 days!! A bokken (木剣, bok(u), "wood", and ken, "sword") (or a bokutō 木刀, as they are instead called in Japan) is a Japanese wooden sword used for training in kenjutsu.It is usually the size and shape of a katana, but is sometimes shaped like other swords, such as the wakizashi and tantō.Some ornamental bokken are decorated with mother-of-pearl work and elaborate carvings. I would also add that in modern volleyball, I have almost never heard of opposite being played by an all-around player, even at the HS level. Everyone in that picture, apart from Akaashi and Wataru (12) are third years. Realistically though, this seldom worked like this in real life. He could feel his heart beating faster, his fingers itching for a pencil. haha. In reality, the real ace of a team often varied. In his eyes it is basically religious text and for the most part, the rules were pretty standard. 75 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Dec 11, 2020 . He creates a volleyball club and begins practicing by himself. Bokuto seemed to let it go, instead crossing his arms over his chest and focusing his attention on the first year. None. In such a team, the setter would be the true ace. Today, many strikers still value to number 9 as their jersey number to signify their position as the main striker of their team. If you look up Bokuto’s weird kneepads, you’ll see that those are … "Damn it!" Because 4 can be said "shi" which is the same as death. Number 4 BokuAka Fanfiction [UNFINISHED & DISCONTINUED] Number 4's eyes were golden. Bokuto’s bad idea, number 27 abbysragna. 1 x Animal Glue; 1 x Blinding Potion; 1 x Shinobi-gatana; Used in Recipes . Handcrafted Do Himo $70.00 $49.99 Save: 29% off. It was chilly outside but spring was just around the corner. Tried looking up the significance of the number in Japanese culture, and all I got is the fact that the number is deemed unlucky in Japan as VikingHedgehog has already mentioned. keyvalin's response is the closest thing to making sense logically. If you ask people who have played volleyball for more than 20 years, for example, they would often associate positions with jersey numbers, expecting the number 2 to be the setter etc. And yeah, Andures sure has made a really full and thorough explanation. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Bokuto is one of those guys who obeys Brocode to the fullest extent. Of course, the team won't let those negative feelings last for long. Asahi is one of the more gentle and weak-willed characters despite his status as the team's ace. #have you noticed that i'm watching too much sports anime yet. I have no idea. Shared Projects (4) "Koutarou what are you worrying about? I have no idea, just that we are told that #4 is for the "ace" at very traditional schools. Haha) Which would explain why he chooses to flaunt his “Ace” designation via school tradition of Ace = #4. Featured Project ~Welcome~ What I've been doing. 4 Wing Spiker: Asahi Azumane. Koutarou Bokuto Haikyuu Anime Phone Case For iPhone 12 Case ,iPhone 11 Pro Max X XS XSMAX SE2020 7 8 Plus Case,Koutarou Bokuto Haikyuu Anime AnimeDesignCase. And traditionally, the volleyball numbering starts #1 on the back zone (where the server is) and then goes up by number anti-clockwise. 木, ki/boku > wood 刀, katana/to > katana The expression most commonly used in Japan is “bokuto”, 木刀, and it means, very simply, wooden katana. Kuroo had texted him earlier stating that he wasn’t coming to school, for one reason or another. You're great! If you take a look at Datekou, their Captain always wears #2. They explained it somewhere (cant remember where, anyone?) Obtained from Desynthesis . Edit: It's actually quite strange when you consider the #4 is considered unlucky in Japan. The only reason why Bokuto was even acting like this is because he can't see Keiji. Wish there was a way to contact Furudate-sensei and get queries like this clarified. High quality Bokuto Kotaro gifts and merchandise. A subreddit about the volleyball manga written by Furudate Haruichi, Haikyuu!! This is a similar tradition to football (soccer) positions, something that used to be true decades ago, but no longer valid. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.