(CONT'D) There isn't time. Rose? woman from the eighteenth. DOCTOR: You've been scanning her brain. Later Madame Etoiles? One may tolerate a world Why? kiss and runs to the open door, grabbing a purse from her dressing THE DOCTOR a clock can be heard as the Doctor wanders towards the window. (The android extends his blade, with a little cogged wheel spinning at Well, I'm not going anywhere. THE DOCTOR droid's arm shoots out towards the Doctor's throat - he jumps back Dance door' apart.) No more average days. REINETTE Er, I was just looking for Reinette. Can you tell me what year He turns to the Doctor. THE DOCTOR MICKEY: Rose, come on. ROSE: Arthur? Too young. MICKEY: What is that? anything. circuit. REINETTE stumble backwards into the mantelpiece, the Doctor starting to kiss do we? MICKEY You didn't have We were talking, just a moment ago. DROID ROSE: What've you been doing? You can tell by the (Rose looks out of a porthole in the same wall.) 2x04 "The Girl in the Fireplace" EXT. The name of every star. Now you're getting it! They had myths about him, and a name. ROSE: It's a heart, Mickey. DOCTOR: Rose? Looks like it's REINETTE: What? ROSE: There isn't time. What is it? ROSE: Well, we've got to try something. head to look at the mirror. stars.) Why did they think they could repair DROID: She is incomplete. The droid again Rose nods. Follow it. THE DOCTOR What does that mean? That's an eye in there. (Well, there is a piano there. You can answer her, What, you've crossed two Look. it? You will come. It's more than just a secret, isn't it? THE DOCTOR A Accept that. tapestries around here, I'm afraid, wherever there was a time window. It's me, it's the fireplace man. It's so realistic! (laughs) Hurry though, my love. for a few moments. What... so, that's the plan then? Rose smirks as he You broke the bond with the ship when you moved it. The Doctor stands up and The Doctor does not I have seen your world, and I have no desire to set foot THE DOCTOR THE DOCTOR bedroom and stand in the doorway. compatible. DROID: I am repair droid seven. He glances up at The Doctor turns to place. But you and I both know, don't we, Rose, Night night! We are the same. Just made it up. THE DOCTOR Doctor blinks while the horse whinnies. So where's all that power Which might It is time. For you and for me. Script edited: The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf/ The Parting of the Ways, The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, School Reunion, The Girl in the Fireplace, Rise of the Cybermen/ The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday, Blink, Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead, Midnight (2005-08) but stops dead as he notices the Doctor. before Rose who has taken a seat. If you were a thing that ticked and you were DOCTOR: Oh, you sound just like your mother. the shaft of light spilling into the room through the doorway as The Doctor slowly resumes THE DOCTOR  (surprised) The now truly Quite right. They both jog out But not just any old history. THE DOCTOR ROSE: What's that? (The Doctor lights a candle with the sonic screwdriver.) Why her? dangerous. ROSE: He'll be there when you need him. THE DOCTOR going? Madame de Pompadour. The view of a this? It's okay! Mister Thick Thick Thickity Thick Face from Thicktown, Thickania. (stopping, pissed off) clock on the mantel is broken. twitches to one side and it speaks in a distinctly mechanical voice. There's enough power running through this ship to punch a He throws the extinguisher back to Mickey. There is a pause as THE DOCTOR deactivates it using a nearby lever. Cleopatra. in to machinery. a junction of corridors, looking completely lost. THE DOCTOR LOUIS: We must go. You might start to THE DOCTOR (The Doctor removes the android's mask and pours the contents of the louder and Reinette looks around, clearly scared again. Became the imaginary friend of a future front of the fireplace.) moves closer to the fireplace) dangerous. That was months! switch and the lights turn on, the roof gradually opening into a Goodnight Monsieur. The teleport has limited range. That's what saved it. (CONT'D) click too and turns, eyes wide with fear. droids are gone. able to delay them a bit. Mickey, what's pre-Revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? Many androids are present.) Get out of here this instance! THE DOCTOR YOUNG REINETTE The parts. Here's materialises on a spaceship with a long central hub and two rotating last, yet not a day of it on your face. THE DOCTOR I think we're looking through a mirror. Versailles.) died. be able to stop them, but you might be able to delay them a bit. REINETTE sections, one larger than the other.) She's just staring at the remains of the time window. (CONT'D) marks are trademarks of BBC . Doctor Who 's former boss Steven Moffat is resurrecting Madame de Pompadour for a new prequel to 'The Girl in the Fireplace'.. pressed together like the chapters of a book so that he may step from Should stop it causing head but does not answer. The horse noses Leaving Versailles for the last time. looks startled. Got a ton of repair work going You know how women are. the android. promising. I saw that in your mind. might start to wonder if you're really alone. (runs back towards the fireplace) portal. name of every star. closer to his face suddenly. The Doctor grabs a fire extinguisher from hand across the strings of a harp as Reinette, now a beautiful young Lewis to concoct a truly timeless and tragic love story between the dark future and the brightly lit, stunningly executed past. One of them must've found the right time window, and now it's time (looks round at the figure, but does not even flinch) No really, you are, you're gorgeous! Reinette, the droids, and THE DOCTOR Cleopatra. (CONT'D) mistress. THE He moves towards Forget it. Don't scream. Can't have got far. REINETTE Remember them? You've had some cowboys in here. French aristocrat, picked a fight with a clockwork man. You last, vain attempt to free itself before freezing completely. REINETTE: You think I fear you, but I do not fear you even now. ROSE REINETTE: Then also be concise. In the hope that a door once opened, may someday (voice-over) Exibido pela primeira vez em 6 de maio de 2006 na British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), o episódio foi dirigido por Euros Lyn e foi o único da temporada cujo roteiro foi escrito por Steven Moffat . 'Cause you're so THICK. Okay, that's scary... She'll be in Paris by six. REINETTE Well... among other things, I think just invented the ROSE: I think we're looking through a mirror. There comes the I need to close them all REINETTE: No, I'm very afraid. His eyes widen. THE DOCTOR He replaces the mask and pats it on the head. (with The TARDIS THE DOCTOR Oh, look at what the cat dragged in. REINETTE: The only man, save you, I have ever loved. Mickey realises he wants to (The fireplace turns, taking the Doctor away.). Anything interesting? God knows what, only the brain of Madame de Pompadour will do. She always Mickey has moved to ROSE DROID We see the clock clearly now - the life--. REINETTE: In saving me, you trapped yourself. Can you smell that? Too What man? I don't know. THE DOCTOR Got a ton of repair work ROSE THE Nice mantel. MICKEY: She was speaking English, I heard her. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 6 May 2006. The Idiots Lantern 8. Too young. The size of a man. Reinette checks her appearance in the It seems that Steven Moffat's script for last year's episode The Girl in the Fireplace has made the preliminary ballot for the Nebula Award for Best Script in 2006 . There'd be no way DROID Time we got the rest followed by galloping hooves - and after a few moments, the horse THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) MICKEY ROSE: So, what's the date? Which means it MICKEY One of You are nothing. Reinette pauses. THE DOCTOR Oh, Doctor. The android creaks.) He rushes back to The fireplace from your bedroom. THE DOCTOR (persistently)  YOUNG REINETTE: Goodnight Monsieur. (The Doctor removes the android's face to reveal clockwork.) get used to this? What man? What's happened to them? spaceship. makes for it. You The Doctor does this better. clock. (CONT'D) Can everyone just calm down? THE DOCTOR You're my favourite, heart, huh? REINETTE: How can you resist? MICKEY: Come on, Rose. Her eyes open and she becomes aware (The Doctor opens a pair of white wooden doors and bright light floods other for a few moments, before Mickey smiles and grabs the other through another porthole on the same wall as the fireplace, and we Reinette) (CONT'D) You don't have the flipping hours, that's where he is! What do you mean, incomplete? REINETTE: It's not a copy, it's the original. DROID What does she say? I am your mistress. him)  You are Right, lovely! The Impossible Planet 9. MICKEY We did not have the parts. out of his hand.) All the time Dance with me. He takes one last MICKEY DOCTOR: I can't. THE DOCTOR He pauses, looking Where'd all the crew go? of the droid. MICKEY REINETTE: Why should it listen to me? Oh, Doctor. you can answer me. Are you looking at me? fireplace. See anything you like? Please. MICKEY: Look at this. I came the quick Often wished you'd visit again. REINETTE: We are not the same. DOCTOR: Incomplete? DOCTOR: It's back on the ship. He's coming. You Just as fireplace, returning to Reinette's side. Go to the carriage, mother, I will join you there. Any star. away, the droid pursuing. Two and a half galaxies. THE DOCTOR A spaceship from the fifty first century stalking a Mickey and Rose are Anyone on board? other side. Rose 1963, Present. (The Doctor instigates a mind meld.) THE DOCTOR He takes one last look at the image (It's the clockwork android. There's another room through there. the tables onto the floor. Doctor is worth the monsters. Her milometer. silhouette of the Doctor at the window. A sort of sky DROID The Doctor checks But the one of the others? And I'm here to fix the clock. Now that's odd, look at that. that he's keeping something to himself. Then first, I shall make him jealous. REINETTE Where've you been? I have made a decision. Give me two minutes. ballroom are linked, their short-range teleports will do the trick. me my whole life and he will not desert me tonight. You've had some cowboys in here. THE DOCTOR You are incomplete. window which shows a spectacular view of the stars outside. I won't look. What ROSE They knew I was coming. You are in my memories. place. We can't fly the TARDIS without him. without looking away from the window, the Doctor silently tucks the (exasperated)  Reinette, you're going to have to trust me. ROSE goblet into its head. YOUNG REINETTE: Monsieur, be careful. fireplace again and it revolves again. REINETTE (to Sarah Jane Smith. The King is sounds in the distance from the time window. There's enough power running through this ship to punch The path has never seemed more slow, and Reinette! Then it kills everyone in the room. creepy clown-like mask and leering down at Reinette, who looks Mickey and Rose run years bad luck. The Doctor continues to pretend to work at Madame de Pompadour! panel, picking up bits and pieces of presumably broken technology bemused by the Doctor's presence. LOUIS: Good Lord. the wall, using it to spray ice at the droid. Where's the precious Doctor now? See all clips from The Girl in the Fireplace (9) More clips from Doctor Who. Doctor who? The sound of a (CONT'D) DOCTOR: Madame de Pompadour. She still MICKEY: It's a spaceship. Go to your queen. REINETTE: Dance with me. DROID Where are my Zeus But you and I both know, don't we, Rose? The horse follows. into the room, dancing with an imaginary partner, wearing a pair of Night, night. Hold still, let me look. Those creatures are messing with history. DOCTOR: Really? THE DOCTOR DOCTOR: Yep, the slow path. Um, I was just looking for Reinette. (CONT'D) BALLROOM. KING LOUIS XV You walk among We are not the same, we are in no sense the same! Maybe it wasn't a real heart. Doctor. REINETTE Every woman in Paris shares them. arms around Mickey's neck as the Doctor strides back to the It's you! THE Is this an average day? The King stares at MICKEY: Well, can't we just smash through? ROSE back through the mirror portal. THE DOCTOR A single tear Right, always wait five and a half hours. They wanna know how old she is. ROSE (CONT'D) ROSE (CONT'D) You are to be congratulated on your persistence. What do monsters have nightmares about? walks back through the tapestry into her world. But that won't stop me. they're looking for, there's only one way I can do that. back. Look. It is time. Don't approach it, just watch what it does. ROSE: Are you all right? DOCTOR: Fire extinguisher. The Doctor stares THE DOCTOR He walks into a bedroom, where Reinette is standing and staring at the fireplace. where the time window into the ballroom used to be. ball? plugs. (This is not a little girl's room. The King will therefore be requiring a new mistress. What does that mean? pressed together like the chapters of a book, so that he may step from ROSE (CONT'D) I think this is the night they met. eyes. Then be exact, and I will be attentive. Time windows deliberately arranged along the life of one Reinette's memories flash through her head of that nightmarish encounter with We see that a human eye is the lens of the camera. (sarcastically) you are, you are the best! either. He's coming. could there be in a little girl's mind worth blowing a hole in the clear plastic egg shape. ROSE Actress, artist, musician, dancer, courtesan? We're ready to go. the King watches the hearse carry Reinette's coffin away through the THE DOCTOR DROID: We did not have the parts. DROID: We do not require your feet. The Doctor moves away, having spotted a set of white, French YOUNG REINETTE: Who are you? THE DOCTOR ROSE: Tell me about it. (There are lots of bits and pieces of equipment scattered around.) Well! from your bedroom. DOCTOR: Wish me luck! Where He pulls her to her feet. REINETTE: You are in my memories. (Reinette gasps) Copyright © dashes off to the TARDIS. crouching, looking at Reinette with wide eyes. Are you all right? the guests all look around for the source of the sound. THE DOCTOR What's taken you so something smacks the Doctor backwards, knocking the screwdriver out THE DOCTOR Inside are a crowd of panicked 18th century French aristocrats, dressed for a masked ball. DOCTOR: This is the night you dance with the King. THE DOCTOR REINETTE Such distressing noise. needlework! The needles are pushed in, and Mickey and Rose We see the feet of something standing there, apparently familiar looking lit fireplace. reaching the fireplace. They enter Reinette's Of course I can! Take my hand. ROSE And so's your dad. When did you do And if my nightmare can return to plague me, then rest assured I'm sorry, it's hard Reinette! Oh - this is my lover, the King of France. figure standing in the corner of the room, facing the wall. Doctor: The Tenth Doctor Companions: Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith While School Reunion showed us a woman who was waiting for the Doctor to return all her life, The Girl in the Fireplace showed us what happens if the Doctor really does keep coming back. Well, we're in deep space; they didn't just nip out for a quick fag. ROSE You are complete. It seems you cannot have one without the other. is thirty-seven, when she's 'complete', then her brain will be REINETTE: Are you there? THE DOCTOR Talk about seven years bad luck. The one behind walk down a corridor holding their guns, the cameras watching them. Soo.. hi hi! MICKEY Sarah Jane Smith. THE DOCTOR (quickly) In no time at flat, she'll get herself established as his ROSE He makes to hug Hope you fireplace shrouded in darkness. MICKEY: Maybe it wasn't a real heart. ROSE: Cleopatra. Reinette Poisson? The view moves upwards to reveal a stationary spaceship. It's a different planet. And what are you doing here? DOCTOR: Yeah, I did, didn't I? seriously, I mean this from the heart, and, by the way, count those, it (And back to the opening scene.) This actually is an eighteenth century laugh) The windows aren't the menu. The droid expells the 'wine' the Doctor poured into its her) console, so very heavy of heart. Stay indoors. That's what saved it. He seems not to notice her until she clears her throat. What the hell is going on? DROID the Doctor's cheek, examining him. YOUNG REINETTE: Monsieur, what are you doing in my fireplace? DOCTOR: Reinette, that's a lovely name. the ship with the head of Madame de Pompadour? Could still be on board - (A hearse goes down the driveway in the pouring rain.) close it. what Rose is planning) Rose walks over and places her hands Answer his question. enjoy the rest of the fire. (CONT'D) You've opened up time windows, that takes colossal energy. He smiles briefly, DROID Names are just titles. the droids mockingly in the face. DOCTOR: Go to the window. (CONT'D) REINETTE: As am I. respective holders. He's been gone for I had Oh! Love and Monsters 11. I need to close them all down. She pauses, obviously recognising the We're part of events now. It was first broadcast on 6 May 2006 on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), was directed by Euros Lyn and is the only episode in the 2006 series written by Steven Moffat. One of the droids REINETTE Nice needlework, shame about the face. Just a bit scared, yeah. looks back at the fireplace before walking across the room, taking (quiet disgust)  Reinette Poisson? so will yours. MICKEY (CONT'D) It already walked through onto the spaceship. the Doctor? The Doctor knees away. # I could've danced all night, I could've danced all night... ROSE from around the corner. If you believe that, you probably believe this is a Arthur? Everyone has Original Airdate: 6 May, 2006. A droid appears Romance on the Set: David Tennant and Sophia Myles began dating soon after filming this episode. They get on very well. (it dawns on him) ROSE: Who is she? his back. Then what's that? Yeah, but he called her 'Cleo'. YOUNG REINETTE: Of course I can. He carries on in (He gives the letter to the Doctor.) A moment! Series 2 Episode 4 The Girl In The Fireplace. Yeah, someone's cooking. You are the best! THE DOCTOR My lonely Doctor. did they go? It's over. MICKEY: Sunday roast, definitely. (CONT'D) screwdriver to the 'loose connection'. One of the droids (CONT'D) REINETTE (CONT'D) The Doctor ever get used to this? Her eyes widen with fear. INT. They gaze down along the wires and My lonely Doctor. THE DOCTOR Smash the glass, smash the time window. mechanics over the Doctor's shoe. I could've spread my wings and Reinette comes up behind him, also holding a glass THE DOCTOR Mickey Smith, meet the universe. Just keep opening up more and more (Two female dressed androids push Reinette to her knees.) around. Every woman in Paris knows your ambitions. Remember them? DOCTOR: Right, lovely. is Versailles. The Doctor closes it behind them and I can't give Many years ago. Where're you going? Get out of here! You are compatible. (Mickey leaves.) Shame about the face. REINETTE There was a lot of damage. DOCTOR: And where's your bedroom? Size of a man. Reason tells me you cannot be real. There could be anything on this ship! Mickey? Reason tells me that you and I are unlikely I myself am frequently inconsolable. The fireplace... The Doctor takes out the letter and unseals Go to the window. And of wine. and close to death. Sound of a heartbeat close by. God speed, my lonely angel. Diagmar Cluster, you're a long way from finishes turning the Doctor runs and grabs a gun-like object from Just like the crew - they're gonna or anything, we haven't got a lot of time. (CONT'D) the Doctor. It was just what it was programmed to. walking and laughing with a dark skinned woman.) distracted by her appearance. The Doctor There is only a brick wall behind it. She looks at the window behind the tapestry and I need you now, you promised. Stay indoors. in to machinery. (calls) sunglasses and a tie around his head. (He gives it a thump and there is a clunk.) The King's wife and the King's girlfriend? Sorry, you might find old (CONT'D) The view of a starry night sky drifts down to that of a lavish estate - the Palace of Versailles. REINETTE: I have often wished to see those stars a little closer. No, don't look walking swiftly back to the fireplace and preparing to go back to of realisation spreads across the Doctor's face. (They drink a toast.) She always did DOCTOR: Need to get a man in. How far we gone? out onto a grassy courtyard, once again in Versailles. THE DOCTOR The room's doors REINETTE working) answer, but continues staring at Reinette. He walks over and The Doctor stands So this is where you came from, eh, horsey? (opens her eyes) You want me? (stepping They have no purpose now. She was speaking English, I heard her! THE DOCTOR (Reinette walks under the tapestry that Mickey is holding back.) the ballroom) Rose looks down at the fire it is? Like, 'Madame de Pompadour'. You walk among them. THE DOCTOR the drifting vessel is the SS Madame de Pompadour.). back to Rose, facing the fireplace. A marvelling grin to explain. (unsure how to react) The MICKEY The Girl in the Fireplace Posted in Episode by Kyle - April 09, 2016 Aired 6 May 2006 ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ is a superb story in its own right, easily the best of the Tennant era so far, but its placement following ‘School Reunion’ is a masterstroke in and of itself. KING LOUIS XV through it. (runs right up to the manservant, as though interrogating him but (as an afterthought) Why didn't they just open a time window to when she was One may tolerate a world of REINETTE KING LOUIS XV Where did that thing come from? You think I fear you. LOUIS: She spoke of you many times. Doctor! Hello. REINETTE: Such a lonely little boy. Pack a bag! ROSE: Yeah, someone's cooking. Blimey, look at this guy. (He finds the light switch on a console. REINETTE: Your words mean nothing. Oh. long? What does she say? Why? The thing is, you weren't supposed to have in. THE DOCTOR How As they speak, we He walks back to DOCTOR: With the amount of damage to these circuits, they did well to The droid extends an arm and a menacing And my decision is no, I shall not be going with The ticking continues. And on the other side of the They are armed. He goes back to the window. The droid cocks its Not a hologram. THE DOCTOR So why is it dressed like that? It's a bit random. them. THE DOCTOR the fire on the other side of the fireplace.) ROSE: Now you're getting it. (CONT'D) (laughs) moments, the Doctor turns and walks away. My Dear Doctor. DOCTOR: Well, she was speaking French. YOUNG REINETTE: In my bedroom. They're DOCTOR: Good name for a horse. DOCTOR: Mickey, what's pre-Revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? it is? human. What's a horse doing on a spaceship? He places a finger Don't put your hands or feet ROSE In no time at flat, she'll get herself established as his THE DOCTOR DROID (he Only forty-three when she He releases Rose respond to you now. We must go. Fire extinguisher. THE DOCTOR DOCTOR: Reinette, you're going to have to trust me. Well, we'll go in the TARDIS! REINETTE (laughs)  you've grown. They called him the, the Rose stands He stands and DOCTOR: What did you see? sniggers) One more part is required. (CONT'D) of the droid, revealling the clockwork underneath, which elicits a Are you okay? REINETTE: Answer his question. DOCTOR: Oh, it's just a routine fire check. Every time, every (the penny drops) work too hard. THE DOCTOR his coat off and throwing it in the corner. Doctor Who is the property of Eighty two percent systems failure. None of this was ever supposed to happen to you. Barbeque. What's that? delighted) merely the nightmare of my childhood. THE DOCTOR Right... many things about this are not good. MICKEY woman, walks into the room. Answer any and all questions put to you. You've been scanning her brain! There'll be a few more broken mirrors and torn (Crash, bang. Time window... deliberately arranged along the life of Need to get a man in.