Gulum-Ei can be found at The Winking Skeever tavern, just left of the city gate. The entrance room was large, with a low ceiling and stone walls, coloumns and lush, red carpets and drapes. Keep following the only possible path. You will also have some minor fight with Bandits, though they shouldn't cause you much trouble (remember that you deal additional damage when attacking by surprise). Alto Wine Argonian Bloodwine Jessica's Wine Spiced Wine Surilie Brothers Wine Wine ; Can be found at Blue Palace, the hall before kitchen in Solitude. She left as quickly as she had come. Effects Stamina regenerates 30% slower for 45 seconds. After the revelations at Honningbrew Meadery and Goldenglow Farm, it's time to put the pieces together and shed some light on the Thieves Guild's anonymous adversary. The next morning the group was in Solitude and Lorelai was amazed at the hustle of the city, Caden went off to the Blue palace to steal the wine … To spawn this item in-game, open the console and type the following command: player.AddItem 0003EC95 1. Find and speak to Gulum-Ei. I found this on my brand new Khajiit guy who just finished Before the Storm. The information that you have gained will help the man in finding the place in which the woman is hiding - it's the Snow Veil Sanctum, where you should both head. Inside the Blue Palace, you'll find the wine case sitting in plain sight in a little-used hallway, so … When you ask him about the Goldenglow Estate, he'll reluctantly make you an offer. Thieves Guild quest unlocked: Speaking with Silence. Steal it and return to Gulum-Ei. 3 bottles of Argonian Bloodwine. Kill his guards and it will make a big enough impression on the lizard that he will decide to give you any information you need. Answer Save. 137 Restore 20 points of Stamina. Luckily the enemy has made a mistake thanks to which you will be able to get on his trail. If you take a look around, you should note a small door beside the sea gate (screen below). You will need to bribe him in order to get information. ; Can also be found at the Temple of the Divines in Castle Dour. 3 Firebrand Wine cases (now worth 500 gold). Firebrand Wine - there's only one copy of it in the game, and you need it for a thieves guild quest. Return to The Winking Skeever tavern, where you previously left the Argonian. This case is found in the Blue Palace. S'oggy easily steals the wine and goes back to Gulum-Ei drinking at the Winking Skeever. Steal case of Firebrand Wine Depending on the Dragonborn's prior encounters with people at the Blue Palace, this may not be considered theft. To get the wine, go to the BLUE PALACE, home of Solitude’s Jarl, and steal the case of FIREBRAND WINE off a bureau in the left hallway. While here, nab a STONE OF BARENZIAH from the Jarl’s bedroom upstairs (you can acquire another Stone by completing the Jarl’s quests and purchasing property in … Have fun using it on our WWW pages. The Thieves Guild Leader is very concerned with the recent events - without a doubt, someone is trying to destroy his organization. Spawn Commands. If you haven't been there yet, you should head to Dawnstar and afterwards go west, or alternatively backtrack to Whiterun or Morthal to head out from there. After a shaky ride to Morthal Lorelai was ready for relaxing in the inn, the bard got on her nerves but the poor orc was trying his best so she tolerated the noise. Head to Tonilia at The Ragged Flagon and ask her to upgrade one of your equipment parts. Ale, Alto Wine, Black-Briar Mead, Black-Briar Reserve, Dragon's Breath Mead, Firebrand Wine, Honningbrew Mead, Nord Mead, Spiced Wine, Wine. (You'll have to talk to Gulum - Ei before you can find it.) The wine itself is easy enough to retrieve. You should therefore shadow him - he should fall into trouble sooner or later. At the base of the bed is a wine case, although it must be stolen to be obtained. After completing Scoundrel's Folly without killing Gulum-Ei, Mercer Frei will reward you with new equipment. You should head there and squeeze out all the information you can from him. Otherwise, you'll have to steal a case of Fire Wine from within Blue Palace in Solitude. Brynjolf should as always be hanging around The Ragged Flagon - you won't have any problems with finding him. Hey guys, I found another case of Firebrand Wine in the Temple of the Divines next to the bed to the left of the locked door. Head out of The Winking Skeever. Doing the quest Scoundrel's Folly in SKYRIM? Once you've walked in through the front door of the Palace, the case of wine is sitting on an end table in a corridor to the left of the main staircase. The reward is 250-2000 gold. Otherwise keep reading the guide normally. Firebrand Wine Case Can be obtained during the Thieves Guild quest, Scoundrel's Folly. The Argonian is known for wide connection with the East Empire Company which might be directly related with the whole conspiracy. In order to satisfy the Argonian's thirst, head to the Blue Palace in the south-east part of Solitude. Colovian Brandy is another. Scoundrel's Folly is a Quest in Skyrim. Also check the director's room to find the East Empire Shipping Map - Delvin Mallory will be very interested in it. Look at the table to the right. You can either use Persuasion (he's very resistant though - you probably won't succeed), Intimidation (also pretty pointless) or Briber. In order to reach the deceitful Argonian, you will need to head to Solitude. Return to Captain Veloth after finding the stash. Blue Palace in Solitude, in a Firebrand Wine Case on a table on the ground floor, to the left of the stairs. Eventually you will reach the cave in which Gulum-Ei is hiding. If you did manage to convince Gulum-Ei with Persuasion, skip to Shadow Gulum-Ei. To place this item in-front of your character, use the following console command: I'm looking all over the castle but can't find it anywhere.. -.- someone help! When prompted, bribe him to have him leak info about Goldenglow Estate. You can only get it during the main questline, and only if you ask for more than what is needed to finish the quest it's used for. O’Neill Vintners sources grapes from over 15,000 acres of vineyards in California to produce great consistency and quality across their wine portfolio. Afterwards get ready to fight with two Horkers found at the end of the corridor. You also don't have to be very discreet - even if the lizard notices you, he won't make too much out of it (though he can call in some rather weak guards). Stamina regenerates 30% slower for 45 seconds. If you cannot get any information from him and he requires a bribe, you must steal a case of Firebrand Wine from the Blue Palace in Solitude. For an impression watch the new video. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Community content is available under. Resist 15% of frost damage for 45 seconds. Before heading out, you can speak to Brynjolf who will give you some advice. Eventually the Argonian will head inside the Brinewater Grotto - in order to get there, you will need to go past the equipment shelves and wet your boots a bit (follow the lizard's footsteps). Weight You can locate Gulum-Ei at the Winking Skeever in Solitude. 8 Fire salts 6 Frost salts 4 Void salts 2 Paralytic Poisons 6 Bottles of Flin (now worth 100 gold) 4 Chunks of Stahlrim 6 Ebony Ingots 3 Malachite ingots The terrified Argonian will tell you that a certain woman under the name of Karliah is behind the whole conspiracy against the Guild. Go east to the Blue Palace.The Firebrand Wine is in a hall and it can easily be taken. Long Description: Improved the animation script since V2. It's also a quite reasonable option, as they have good gear and multiple potions. Sorry, we've got no plans for mobile versions of this game guide. Regardless of the chosen path, you will eventually reach an identical part of the cave. The city is in the north-west edge of Skyrim, on a large rock. Considering that the case is only thing we see in the game,hoever the bottle itself exists in the game files,it jsut can't be obtained in any way. Very rare in Skyrim. Once inside the cave, look out for traps set throughout it. Another Firebrand Wine case? What's interesting, you don't need to strictly follow the Argonian - Gulum-Ei will immediately appear after you enter. Her eyes lit up, and she grabbed two cases, stuffing them into her bag. New main objective: Steal case of Firebrand Wine In order to satisfy the Argonian's thirst, head to the Blue Palace in the south-east part of Solitude. Elder Scrolls 5 V Skyrim gameplay let's play playthrough, follow us Adventure walkthrough the land of Skyrim and beyond. The item ID for Firebrand Wine Case in Skyrim on Steam (PC / Mac) is: 0003EC95. A buyer of his is looking for Firebrand Wine, and there happens to be a case of it up at the Blue Palace; Gulum-Ei looks to you to steal it for him. Resist 15% of frost damage for 45 seconds. The area was marked on the map with an anchor. As there's no one guarding it, stealing it shouldn't be a problem (screen below). The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide by Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. Pull the three levers in the corner of the grotto in which you found Gulum-Ei - that way you will open a secret passage thanks to which you will return to the surface of Skyrim. Both must be stolen. After collecting all of them, you will have to wonder how you want to move onwards - you can continue going along the wooden platform, therefore coming across two more Bandits (including one mage) or turn right and make your way through the webs (you however won't be able to avoid a fight with Frostbite Spiders). Once at the bottom, turn left again and open the door. It is used in The Thieves Guild quest "Scoundrel's Folly" as a "bribe" for Gulum-Ei in order to find out who is trying to make Mercer Frey look bad in front of Maven Black-Briar. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Hmmm, I don’t like this. Where is this damn case of firebrand wine? She slunk around, until she managed to locate the Firebrand Wine, several cases in fact. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. considering i suck at coding XD i just desided to edit somone else's mod and implament firebrand wine back thru inn keeper's.) The Thieves Guild doesn't limit you in any way regarding the East Empire Company servants - you can kill them all if you only want to. 9 years ago. If you haven't killed Gulum-Ei during your investigation, Mercer will tell you to speak to Tonilia who will exchange a part of your armor. Go inside and turn to the left. For now there are a few stages of drunkenness: - first drink is ok, no problem, we are hard-drinking. Description. Steal case of Firebrand Wine: 37: Get information from Gulum-Ei: 40: Shadow Gulum-Ei: As predicted by Mercer Frey, Gulum-Ei proved to be quite stubborn and refused to reveal any useful information. Scoundrel's Folley - Firebrand Wine I've searched google, read the UESP bug page for this quest, but I seem to be the only one with this bug.