Developer Capybara Games, famous for iconic indie games like Critter Crunch, Sword & Sworcery and Below, achieve true nirvana with Grindstone — truly, true nirvana. Chances are pretty good that if you’re reading this site, you know all about Grindstone. You should like, totally log in or sign up! Grindstone is an Apple Arcade match-three game from Capybara that works similarly to Dungeon Raid. Published on 06 January 2021, 00:51 -06:00 Author Gordon James Share article The post has been shared by 0 people. Made for the most devoted Grindstone scholars! Pin it. Grind. You can also snag the digital version of Grindstone for the Nintendo Switch, available now from the Nintendo online Game Store for $19.99. We’re a little late on this one, but Capybara’s mobile hit, Grindstone , is out now on Nintendo Switch. Grindstone confirmed for physical release Posted on December 15, 2020 by Brian (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch Grindstone is dropping on the Switch eShop today, but a physical version has now been confirmed as well. Nintendo Switch players can also look forward to full touch support as they cut through creeps and hunt for sparkly Grinstones. background-color: #e01a78; It's described as having sword-slashing battles, which seems to make little sense in a puzzle game until you see it in action. Physical bargain For any readers who still own a 3DS and would like a few new games Argos are currently selling a limited amount of high-profile titles with some big reductions. The puzzler-battler Grindstone is among the new titles released on Switch today. GRINDSTONE was featured in today's Indie World showcase, and now the game is available to purchase on the Switch eShop! background-size: cover; Shipping Q2 2021 ..... . Zukkoyaki. Shipping Q2 2021 ....................................... Now more than ever, we’re thankful to have the Phantom Thieves in our lives. Both physical editions for Switch of the Ori games will retail for $39.99 / 39.99 Euro and are available for pre-order right now. background-color: #e01a78; You, dear player, get to zen out and customize your very own Switch cover… and to make things easy, we’re even including progressive crayon colors like, “Vestigial Goo,” “Pancreas Pus,” “Bladder Bile,” “Spleen Spray,” “Sphincter Juice” and “Heart Pulp”. We're incredibly excited to bring the world of Grindstone to a whole new audience, and can't wait to share even more updates in 2021,” says Joel Burgess, Studio Director at Capy. The physical edition even comes with a reversible coloring cover sheet and a set of Creep crayons! . Bon Appeite - Your Gross Friends at iam8bit x Capybara. Developer. WhatsApp 0. Shipping Q2 2021 ....................................... For years, fans have been pleading for this album — and finally it’s here. We’d be remiss, though, not to mention another critical bit - the brilliantly creative and satisfying puzzling mechanic that, even through hundreds upon hundreds of levels, continues to evolve and impress. Pinterest 0. More: Capybara Games, Grindstone. Join our mailing list! Grindstone released as a launch title for Apple Arcade on IOS and MacOS on September 16, 2019. Member. Helpful items and stylish outfits that change up how you play. Sam Webster’s original music for Grindstone is also being released as a double LP, featuring original artwork by Nuri Durr. A physical edition is available for pre-order, which includes a set of custom creep-gut-colored crayons for $34.99 and will release in 2021. Grindstone has it all — superb slicing n’ dicing, hilariously nuanced animation, subwoofer-friendly bass, psychedelic bonus levels, absurd item crafting, and lots and lots of heart, because our barbarian muscle hero/hunk just so happens to be a loving husband and father. . Grindstone has been out in the wild as an Apple Arcade exclusive for just over a year, and the Nintendo Switch version is a timed console exclusive. . - There is a new Ergonomics preference available on the Timing page of the Options window called Round time displayed in the Stopwatch. That’s not all! Grindstone (CAPY, 15th Dec, $19.99) - Smash creeps to get huge combos and earn precious Grindstones in CAPY’s hit puzzle-battler. Grindstone ($19.99) SwitchArcade Highlight! Mail 0. Like Grindstone’s brawny protagonist Jorj, Capy is hard at work, and Grindstone will continue to see free meaty content updates on all platforms in the coming months. AVAILABLE DIGITALLY TODAY ON NINTENDO SWITCH Plus: Pre-order the physical edition and the 2X LP vinyl soundtrack from iam8bit today! End-game Gold economy, with blueprints for gold-plated items in hidden caves. That’s correct! In 9th Dawn, you play as a hero of your own making right down to the minutia. New control and UI improvements for widescreen and touch/controller play. You, dear player, get to zen out and customize your very own Switch cover… and to make things easy, we’re even including progressive crayon colors like, “Vestigial Goo,” “Pancreas Pus,” “Bladder Bile,” “Spleen Spray,” “Sphincter Juice” and “Heart Pulp”. Maps, when drawn by an talented artist, are quite wonderful, not only because... Let’s dance! Grindstone makes getting useful data out simple.