“The Pennine Way runs over the summit of Cross Fell and often draws visitors to the area from all over the world. go4mailvariable='go4awalk.com' “Cross Fell dominates the skyline in eastern Cumbria, standing guard over the Eden Valley to its West and is clearly visible from many Lake District mountains. Standing on the River South Tyne, not far from its source, and near Cross Fell is the small village of Garrigill. What’s more, you’ll also reach the summits of the second and third highest peaks in the Pennines, Great Dun Fell and Little Dun Fell. To add your walk photographs and pictures to this walk, please send them as email attachments (configured for any computer) along with your name to: Peak Bagging    The village grew up around the leadmining industry which at its peak supported a population of over 1,000. x.type = 'text'; A rollercoaster of terrain follows where the route traverses in turn the summits of Great Dunn Fell with its Air Traffic Control station, Little Dunn Fell and finally Cross Fell, the highest point of the walk. Find New Walking Friends    Cross Fell is 893 metres high. (Hushing is the process of exposing lead ore by building a dam, filling it with water and then breaking the dam and letting the force of the water strip away the topsoil, leaving a gully). At least = 660 pixels (wide) x 440 pixels (high).). From Cross Fell the route follows the Pennine Way along a wide, stony bridleway that passes Greg's Hut on its long, gradual descent back to Garrigill. Even then it is a long climb across the moors. This email address is protected by JavaScript. Cross Fell summit I was looking forward to my first sight of Greg’s Hut, a bothy restored by friends of climber John Gregory who was killed in a climbing accident in the Alps in 1968. The route is just 20 miles and goes from Garrigill City Centre along the South Tyne Trail to the source of the River South Tyne, over to the Tees and then follows Trout Beck to Dun Fell Hush, Great Dun Fell, Little Dun Fell, Cross Fell and the Pennine Way back to Garrigill … Please enable javascript in your browser preferences). The Pennine Hills form the backbone of England and Cross Fell is their highest point. }. Before the churchyard in Garrigill was consecrated, villagers used to have to carry their dead along this high, remote path – across the roof of the Pennines – for burial in the Eden Valley. The most popular way to climb Cross Fell is a start from Garrigill near Alston. Little Dun Fell is classified as an English Mountain (Hewitt) (25th highest in England, 51st highest in England & Wales). In the distance past the plain is the Lake District. The population today is nearer 200. This walk includes some wild country and it is recommended that a fine day is chosen before setting out. Peaks and Mountains    The route from Garrigill follows an interesting valley walk tracking the upper reaches of the River South Tyne to its source, including a short detour to view the impressive Ashgill Force waterfall. Walk c293 Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell from Garrigill. To close this message click anywhere outside this window, • Find NewWalking Friends &Walking Groups, • Questions & Answers about Walking & Hiking, Can't find something? News    All the walking routes up Cross The Hopkins National Trail Guide states about Cross Fell that "it may have taken two thirds of the day to come one third of the way", so we were relieved to only have to get to Garrigill, eliminating the time-pressure of four extra miles. Cross Fell is classified as an English Mountain (Hewitt) (10th highest in England, 27th highest in England & Wales). go4awalk.com and go4awalk.co.uk are registered trademarks of TMDH Limited. The next stage is the 20 mile walk from Dufton to Alston which crosses the highest point on the Pennine Way, Cross Fell. Those who live and work in the village are mainly employed in agriculture. A lost man on Cross Fell. Cross Fell is the highest point on the Pennine Way. The golf-ball-shaped radar installation on the summit of Great Dun Fell was built in the 1960s and serves to support civil air traffic control over the North Atlantic. Along the way you will also bag Backstone Edge (Dufton Fell) at 699m (2294ft). Climbing up through the garland of scree wrapping around the flanks of Cross Fell, a beehive cairn marks if (x.type === 'password') { Walk Search    Walk Report. All Pennine Way walkers, and indeed virtually all those who have walked on Cross Fell, will know Gregs Hut on the Pennine Way on what is a lengthy stage from Dufton to Garrigill where sadly there is limited accommodation following the closure of the pub. Garrigill - Ashgill Force - Tyne Head - Great Dun Fell - Little Dun Fell - Cross Fell - Garrigill Garrigill lies in the remote Cumbrian valley of the River South Tyne surrounded entirely by high fells. The three adjacent peaks form part of an escarpment that runs from the south-east to the north-west, with views to the west of the Eden Valley and the high peaks of the Lake District beyond, to the east the valleys of the Tees and South Tyne and to the north-west, the Solway Firth and the southern uplands of Scotland. The first is the bridleway climbing out from Kirkland on a good track up … Log On/Accounts    Recent calls to the peak have included: assisting a runner with hypothermia, a couple who lost the path on Cross Fell in high winds and rain. Walks    Cross Fell is a summit in the North Pennines - Western Fells region or range in England. Re: Anybody Walked Up Cross Fell? Despite using the beam, only northern based stations were worked. Cookies must be enabled for you to Log On successfully. To the west of the Pennine Way, as it makes its long descent from Cross Fell towards Garrigill, is a large area of moorland largely untroubled by public rights of way. Meteorological equipment located on the fell has on occasions recorded wind speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour.Cross Fell at 2,929 feet is the highest point of the Pennines and is also the highest point in England outside of the Lake District. Route outline for walk c293: Garrigill - The Pennine Way - The South Tyne Trail - Low Crossgill - Ash Gill - Ashgill Force - Hole House Farm - Tynehead Farm - Tyne Head - River Tees - Dunfell Hush - Great Dun Fell - Little Dun Fell - Cross Fell - Skirwith Fell - Yad Stone - Greg's Hut (bothy) - Backstone Edge (Lambgreen Hills) - Long Man Hill - Black Band - Garrigill. The best introduction to the style of riding they offer is to tackle an out and back ride up the bridleway that climbs to the northern shoulder of Cross Fell from the lovely village of Garrigill. Sorry, but your browser does not appear to be accepting our cookies. Name: Garrigill, Eden Place type: Village Location: Grid Ref: NY 7442 4160 • X/Y co-ords: 374425, 541604 • Lat/Long: 54.76869965,-2.39905175 You can also submit photos via our Facebook Page. Condition : I feel absolutely fine after today's walk. Walking Questions and Answers    A couple of miles of fairly flat terrain follows before the South Tyne, fed by lots of small gills, sikes and burns, steadily rises to its source, where it emerges from a spring in the lower slopes of Tynehead Fell at a point marked by a large stone sculpture. Great Dun Fell is classified as an English Mountain (Hewitt) (23rd highest in England, 49th highest in England & Wales). Places to Stay    It took almost eight miles from the top of Cross Fell, but eventually we arrived at the welcoming sight of Garrigill, meaning our day was ending. From Garrigill the walk heads south, following the route of the South Tyne. Cross Fell, Little Dun Fell and Great Dun Fell The next part of the walk follows the crest of the ridge for 3¼ miles (5 kilometres). In 1.5 miles there is a short detour to view Ashgill Force, a waterfall on the Ashgill Burn that flows under a road-bridge on the B6277 and falls an impressive fifty feet into a pool before flowing into the South Tyne. There are three main options. go4awalk.com Help    There was a depressing sight to greet us at the village green however. You will also reach the summit of Little Dun Fell at 842m (2763ft). Introduction: Cross Fell in the Pennines is the highest hill in England outside the Lake District at 2,930 feet (893 m), the highest point of the Pennines and therefore deserves a visit. This was a pleasant day's walk over Cross Fell. . It can be rather awkward to reach, involving some lengthy treks. Be careful coming down off Cross fell as it is easy to lose the path. Walk Ideas and Collections    You need to log in as a member of Walkingworld to access the details for this walk. It was about 2pm in the afternoon. . Little Dun Fell is also known as an English Nuttall (32nd highest in England, 60th highest in England & Wales). The man and … This route from Kirkland is probably the shortest way. Lost path near Great Dun, south of Cross Fell. The walk from Garrigill near Alston is a 15 mile circular and although not the shortest approach (that distinction lies with the small village of Kirkland to the west) it is the most popular. To climb Cross Fell follow the route of the Pennine Way on a large and well constructed track. Another highlight south of Garrigill is Ashgill Force (walks 3,19,39,58 and 86). (Guide Resolution = 300dpi. Cross Fell is also classified as an English Marilyn (5th highest in England, 248th highest in the UK). It even has its very own wind known as the Helm Wind, a north-easterly that blows mainly during the spring. load all 31 walk photos from Walk c293 Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell from Garrigill, Send us your photographs and pictures from your walks and hikes. Even in fine weather Cross fell can attract a covering of cloud so it is essential that you have good navigational skills, an appropriate map and suitable equipment. Copyright ©1999, ©2021 Walkingworld Ltd. All rights reserved | Credits. and we shall do our best to publish them. Garrigill - Ashgill Force - Tyne Head - Great Dun Fell - Little Dun Fell - Cross Fell - Garrigill Garrigill lies in the remote Cumbrian valley of the River South Tyne surrounded entirely by high fells. The highest point of this walk is Cross Fell at 893m (2931ft). Home    Alternatively, you may have camped or stayed at a B&B in Dufton. x.type = 'password'; There are 515 Walkhighlanders who have climbed Cross Fell. All rights reserved. The summit is crossed by the Pennine Way. Fell Facts    [email address] (NB. They have contributed 14 public walk reports including this summit. Completed this walk on the 29th June 2013 as part of C2C training. Access is available to Walkingworld subscribers or you can buy the walk individually for £1.95 once you are logged in. The return leg (Part 2 of the walk) also starts with several miles of rugged moorland, but ends with a glorious wooded, riverside stroll along the valley of the South Tyne, in complete contrast to the openness of the fells. Photo Gallery    Walk c293 Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell from Garrigill, Cross Fell is the highest point on the Pennine Way. Birds, Flowers, Great Views, Hills or Fells, Moor, Nature Trail, River, Waterfall, Wildlife. Are you sure you wish to delete this comment? There’d be no welcoming pint of ale to celebrate a long day’s walking; the village pub was empty and boarded up. Hill Skills    Over the ages the force of the water has eroded away the soft rock behind the falls, allowing passage without getting wet. Vital Statistics: Length: 20ml (32km) Ascent: 2,905ft (885m) Time: 10 … Great Dun Fell is also known as an English Nuttall (29th highest in England, 57th highest in England & Wales). Starting from the south end of Garrigill, follow the Pennine Way signs all the way to Greg's Hut, an open bothy. Completing this walk will also take you to the top of Great Dun Fell at 848m (2783ft). var x = document.getElementById('password'); } The team were also called out to rescue a lost man on Cross Fell, a couple lost while walking from Dufton to Garrigill and a 57 year-old man with hypothermia.