The term has since been applied to the works of several poets, primarily Lowell, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath and W. D. Snodgrass. She rejects the doctrine of impersonality which was propagated by most trendy American poets. Illustrate. She talks about psychological problems because her “over-thinking” haunts her. Her psyche and mental illness forced her to commit suicide. These poems were written during the last years of Plath’s life before she committed suicide and gives us a unique insight into the inner workings of her mind. In the poems like “The Bee Meeting” and “The Arrival of the Bee Box” Sylvia employed the imagery of apiary however, expressed her fears, doubts and suspicions in regards to the world round her. Plath’s poetry is a singular mix of mirth and mourns which is inseparable. Indeed, she was victim of circumstances but she considers men along with fate equally responsible for her disrespect. He likes to read books. Most of her poetry travels on the 2 planes concurrently; the obvious and the hidden or underlying. Sylvia Plath: Poems Confessional Poetry. She uses strong imagery and powerful speech to show her attitudes towards her late father, Otto Plath and her husband, Ted Hughes, who also hurt her in the end. It changed the face of poetry and influenced some of the major writers of the budding movement, such as Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath. Thus, in a straight line, Sylvia Plath reveals her mentality through her poems which makes her poetry confessional. Her metaphors, similes and mythic allusions add glitter to her glowing work. Share in the comment section. Both the life and the works of the poet have embarked the readers of the literature at a flux. Plath’s difficult literary persona was inconceivable to detach from her work. Kamala Das, a popular Indian poet was not influenced by Plath or any other confessional poet. Snodgrass, confessional poetry serves to reveal an author’s repressed anguish or deepest emotions through verses about the most personal of subjects. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. This style of writing emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s and is associated with poets such as Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton… She tried her finest, however, her break up persona at all times failed her. Further, social problems are also psychological for her because she does not talk about their grounds but their effect on the person who is being effected. She also talks about her children but she has no hope for their future. It is a poem in which she addresses her father and complains his attitude towards her. Sylvia Plath’s poems express frustration at the difficulty of self fulfillment. She was a mentally tortured soul and considered society equally responsible for her sufferings. They feel same as the poet once felt while experiencing the described incidents. We call this genre “confessional poetry.”. One of the most famous confessional poets is Sylvia Plath, whose work is often autobiographical and strikingly personal. Search within full text. However it has also made many people famous. Plath is an American, educated and liberated. Epiphanies in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Even a layman can understand the ache and agony of the speaker. Confessional poetry changed everything regarding what a poem could be written about. John Donne as a Love Poet | Love Poetry and its Main Charaacteristics. She was a ‘straight A’ student throughout her whole life, writing her first poem at eight years old. Relevant portion of her comments is reproduced as under:-, “‘Daddy’ is a confessional piece written by Plath three months before her death…..”. His early death is painful for the poet. No one had previously tried to write such kind of poetry. Snodgrass. Apart from that, he loves to explore technology, reading books and writing about his own life. She has mentioned those which she herself experienced. Berryman, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath etc. It is unapologetically centred on the deeply personal experiences of the individual, often dealing with taboo subjects like sexuality and mental illness. Chapter; Chapter references; Aa; Aa; ... A Life of Sylvia Plath. Anwaar Ahmad is a professional writer. Her poems are mostly psychological in nature. As the name implies, confessional poetry is poetry of self-revelation. Plath’s husband was not different from other men of the society nor dis she consider her daddy a good father. How does Beckett flout the norms of theater to create a new theater in Waiting for Godot? She wished the reader to come to know what the speaker was going through. Sylvia Plath=s Confessional Poem, ADaddy@ Sylvia Plath reveals herself in her confessional poem ADaddy@. Her tone implies a strong hatred and disgust for the relationships with both men. Moreover, she talks about evil attitude of male sex because it offended her. Sylvia Plath was a sufferer of obsessive compulsive dysfunction. Critic M. L. Rosenthal coined the term “Confessional Poetry” in reviewing Robert Lowell’s Life Studies, published in 1959.